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Dr Rouhani at a press conference of Iranian, Russian and Turkish presidents in Sochi:

Iran, Russia, Turkey cooperation to continue for peace and stability of the region / We invite everyone to try to create lasting peace, stability in the region / The main purpose of this summit is to form the Syrian-Syrian National Congress

"We invite everyone to try to create lasting peace and stability in the region, and this will be in line with the return of the displaced to Syria and its reconstruction," the president said, emphasising continued cooperation between Iran, Russia and Turkey in the region's peace and stability.

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Wed 22 - November 2017 - 22:37

Speaking Wednesday evening in a press conference of Iranian, Russian and Turkish presidents following the Sochi Summit, Dr Rouhani appreciated the initiative of the Russian President to hold the summit in order to establish peace and stability in Syria and create secure conditions in the country, saying: "The importance of holding this summit is that it is held at a time when the cooperation of the three countries has shown to the world that it can reduce tensions".

“The summit is held at a time when ISIS bases in Syria and Iraq are collapsed and a great success against terrorism in the region is achieved, which adds to the importance of the meeting,” the president said.

"It is important to note that terrorism cannot be an important tool for countries on their way to achieving their goals, and it is a danger to everyone, just as ISIS was also a big threat to the security of the countries that supported them, and by carrying out terrorist acts it also killed people in these countries," Dr Rouhani continued.

Pointing out that the three countries had expressed their views well at the summit, he added: "The main purpose of this summit is to form the Syrian-Syrian National Congress, to ensure that all Syrian religious and ethnic groups and activists, be they supporter or opposition to the government, will gather in Sochi in the near future and discuss the future of Syria”.

Dr Rouhani said: "The purpose of this national congress is to provide the ground for the draft of a new constitution in Syria and to hold a free and fair election in this country, which could be a message of peace and stability for the whole region”.

Expressing happiness that new steps have been taken towards a lasting peace and stability in the region and Syria, Dr Rouhani expressed his hope that in the future, free elections in Syria and the development of this country will be seen, which will bring stability and lasting security to the country.

 “It was decided that foreign ministers, Joint Chiefs of Staff and intelligence and security authorities of the three countries would provide the conditions for the formation of this congress,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the presidents of Iran and Turkey for attending the meeting, saying: “Today, constructive talks were held between the heads of the three countries and the main aspects of the political settlement of the Syrian crisis were discussed”.

“The presidents of the three countries emphasised the establishment of peace and stability, unity and territorial integrity in Syria and will continue their cooperation until the end of terrorism in the region,” he continued.

Putin said that the successful settlement of the Syrian crisis has been achieved with the efforts and consultations of the three countries, adding: “In this summit, we discussed the political reconstruction of Syria after the conflict”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also referred to the meeting with Iranian and Russian presidents on the development of cooperation and relations, saying: "At today’s summit, various issues were discussed and the steps needed to bring peace sustainable in Syria were examined”.

"We have to work towards facilitating the political settlement of regional crises," said the Turkish president, adding that the presidents agreed to start a free and fair political process by the people and the establishment of the Congress of Syrian National Dialogue.

news id: 101673

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