Bases of terrorism in Iraq, Syria collapsed/Future of Syria not in the hands of foreign powers but Syrians/Iran not seeking tension in region, contrary to US, Zionists/Tehran's fight against terrorists in region will continue until eradication

President Rouhani said that the future of Syria is not in the hands of foreign powers, but the people of Syria and that the Islamic Republic of Iran is not seeking tension in the region, contrary to the United States and the Zionist Regime.

Wed 22 - November 2017 - 09:12

Speaking on Wednesday at Mehrabad Airport before leaving Tehran for Sochi, Russia, Dr Rouhani added: "The bases of terrorism in Iraq and Syria have collapsed and Tehran's fight against terrorist groups in the region will continue until they are eradicated".

Dr Rouhani, who is heading for Russia to attend the tripartite summit of Iran, Russia and Turkey, continued: "We are seeking collaboration not confrontation in the region".

"Unfortunately, it has been over six years now that our region has been plagued by insecurity, instability and destructive activities of terrorists," he said, adding: "In this regard, the Islamic Republic of Iran felt responsible from the beginning, knowing that the process developed by major Western powers for the region was part of the same plan of the new Middle East and the developments that Americans were pursuing in the region earlier, a plan always supported by the Zionist Regime".

The president said: "The early years were the days of the oppression of the Iraqi people, Syria and Lebanon. Except for the people of these countries and their armies, and volunteers, including the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, nobody came to help".

Dr Rouhani also stressed that Russia's presence on this field, along with other countries of the region, was effective and the world felt that the issue of Syria and Iraq would not be resolved with what they thought, and the process must ultimately end with the opinion of the nations of the region".

The president noted: "Following the successful Syrian and Iraqi fight against the terrorists, the political process began almost semi-actively, and finally, in the past year, the three countries of Iran, Russia and Turkey decided to coordinate in the field and political process and become more active".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that meetings in Kazakhstan, Astana over the past 11 months were held following the decision by the three governments of Iran, Russia and Turkey, saying: "Achievements have been made in this regard, and today, a very important summit is being held in Sochi, Russia with Iran, Russia and Turkey attending".

"The summit is scheduled to take place between two major events, the event taken place before this summit is the success of the warriors of Islam against ISIS and terrorism in the region. In these weeks and months, Iraqis have also achieved the final victory against ISIS, and in Syria, with the capture of Bukmal, they have reached almost the final victory against the ISIS," he continued.

Dr Rouhani said: "Of course, this victory does not mean that the issue of terrorism and ISIS has ended in the region, but their bases have fallen. They have no other territory claiming to pursue a state in the region, but will remain small terrorist groups for a while".

The president continued: "The second point at this summit is the congress which is going to be held for the beginning of Syrian-Syrian dialogue for the future of Syria. Therefore, it is important to consult at this summit in relation to the summit that ultimately should be provided for the Syrians".

Referring to the fact that the world also woke up in the Syrian issue after several incidents, he said: "Firstly, the terrorists began to commit unprecedented crimes, nobody thought that these crimes would happen in the 21st century; crimes such as burning people alive, massacre, and beheading people and destroying all civilisation centres; this shook the world".

The president noted: "On the other hand, there was a flood of Syrian refugees who shook the West, and especially the Europeans, and they faced this issue, and along with these two issues, the third was the failure of the terrorists to achieve their goals. The more it went on, the more they were unsuccessful, and the issue of terrorism crossed the borders of Syria. This means that they saw that European and American countries themselves are suffering from the scourge of terrorism".

Dr Rouhani added: "Therefore, the idea that terrorists were a good tool for them to do everything they want in the region, was almost rejected by public opinion of the world".

The president said: "We hope that the decisions to be made today, and finally the statement issued by the three countries, will pave the way for a good future for Syria. The future of Syria will not be in the hands of foreign forces and powers; the Syrian future is in the hands of the Syrian people".

Dr Rouhani continued: "What the majority of the Syrian people want is to provide more opportunities for the people to do what they want. For us, territorial integrity, national sovereignty, and independence of Syria are very important. Of course, the issue of rebuilding and returning refugees to their country is also very important".

The president stressed: "It was the decision of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the first day was that terrorism would be unsuccessful as a tool in the region, and that the change in the geographical boundaries and the interference of foreign powers, especially the United States and the Zionists in this region would be unsuccessful".

Dr Rouhani stressed: "We are not looking for tensions in this region, those who seek tensions are the Americans and Zionists, and unfortunately some countries whose rulers have just come to power and are influenced by their claims. The nation and the government of Iran want stability in the region and do not seek to confrontation with anyone. The Iranian nation's fight against terrorism will continue until the eradication of terrorism in this important region".

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