President at the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Related agencies should identify interfering factors in foreign exchange market, take their duty seriously

Emphasising the need to prevent profiteering interventions in the foreign exchange market, the President instructed the related agencies to take their duties seriously in this regard.

In the meeting of the Supreme Administrative Council;

President: We must transform the uncoordinated payment system into a coordinated one/ Establishment of Supreme Council of Construction Jihad and Nomads Affairs

The President emphasised, "Despite the heavy mission of the managers, effective measures must be taken to reform the country's administrative system".

President in a meeting with students of Sharif University of Technology:

We must provide ground for crystallisation of elites' talents in serving the country/ Gov't considers itself in need of criticism/ Foreign exchange resources in good condition/ We are ready to sacrifice our reputation to reform country's economy

Some people are trying to raise the exchange rate around the clock during the negotiations, said the President, adding, "The foreign exchange resources are in good conditions and we are not concerned about its situation”.

President in a meeting with professors and technologists of Sharif University of Technology:

As gov’t-people distance decreases, so should distance with university be/ We’re working on strengthening grounds for attracting elites

Emphasising the importance and necessity of retaining and attracting academic elites, the President said, "The government does not intend to ignore the concerns and statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution regarding retaining elites only as a recommendation, but is determined to work on strengthening grounds for attracting and retaining elites”.

President visits Sharif University of Technology's technological achievements exhibition

The President visited the Sharif University of Technology exhibition of technological achievements.

President in a meeting with Emirati National Security Adviser:

Iran backs the security of Persian Gulf countries/ We welcome the development of relations with the UAE/ Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed: This meeting will be a turning point in relations between the two countries

Speaking in a meeting with the National Security Advisor of the UAE Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Monday, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the history of friendly relations between the two countries, and said, "Good relations with the countries of the region is among Iran’s priorities in its foreign policy in the new government, and this is the reason that we welcome the development of relations with the UAE”.

President in a meeting with Syrian FM:

We seek to strengthen Tehran-Damascus ties, especially in economy, trade/ Faisal Mekdad: The blood of Martyr Soleimani guarantees a deep bond between the two nations

The President described the Iran-Syria relations strategic and emphasised on strengthening the strong foundations of the relations between the two countries, especially in the economic and trade fields.

Ayatollah Raisi in the third live TV interview with the people:

Gov't considers restoring the lost hope and trust in the society its duty/ We've put public vaccination a priority

Referring to the outbreak of coronavirus, the economic situation and the treasury at the time of taking the office, the President said, "The most important thing was the damage done to the hope and trust of the people, and one of the duties of the government was to restore this hope and trust".

Ayatollah Raisi felicitates Thailand on National Day

In a message to Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn, the President congratulated the country’s national day.

President in a phone call with his Venezuelan counterpart:

Iran-Venezuela relations must increase in the new era/ The two sides emphasise new cooperation in economy, energy

Referring to the high capacity of Iran and Venezuela, the President said, "Development of relations between Tehran and Caracas is a necessity, especially in trade and economic fields."

Heads of branches meet, hosted by the President

The weekly meeting of the heads of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Islamic Republic of Iran was hosted by the President this evening.

President visits family of two Holy Defence martyrs

The President met separately with the parents and families of the martyrs Mohammad Fatehi Peykani and Ghazanfar Fatehi at their homes.

President makes unannounced visit to Tehran's Harandi neighbourhood/ Emphasis on improving the situation in deprived urban areas

The President made an unannounced visit to one of the deprived neighbourhoods of Tehran and closely examined the situation in conversations with the residents.

Cabinet's extraordinary meeting to review 1401 budget bill

The details, paragraphs and notes of the proposed 1401 budget bill were examined in a meeting held with the President and all members of the cabinet taking part.