In the 74th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign;

102 economic, infrastructure projects in free, special economic zones start operation

102 economic and infrastructure projects in the free trade, industrial and special economic zones in the country started operation on Monday at President's order via video conference.

President at the meeting of Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Stressing that cabinet’s economic board should report country's economic situation to president-elect/ During the economic war, gov’t put priority on providing foreign currency for basic goods, medicine to increase public welfare

The 234th meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board was held on Sunday under the chairmanship of the President Hassan Rouhani, during which the he wished the president-elect success and called on the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board to report the country's economic situation to the president-elect.

Dr Rouhani after meeting with the President-elect:

Mr President-elect is fully aware of country's situation, ups and downs of sanctions, COVID-19/ President has a heavy responsibility/ Cabinet alongside president-elect for the next 45 days for a better transition

Congratulating the great nation of Iran again for creating an epic and enthusiastic participation in the crucial 1400 elections, the President said, "Thank God, the President-elect is a person who is fully aware of the situation in the country due to his responsibilities in the judiciary and attending important meetings, and he knows the ups and downs of these days, especially the days of sanctions and coronavirus".

President felicitates President-elect Raisi's victory in elections

The President congratulated President-elect Raisi's victory in the 13th round of presidential elections and wrote, "I have no doubt that taking advantage of all existing material and spiritual potentials and optimal organisation of facilities can help resolve the problems and facilitate realising people's wishes and the lofty ideals of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic at domestic and foreign stages".

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Thanking people for their enthusiastic participation in the 1400 elections/ Congratulations to the President-elect/ Thanks to the Ministry of Health, all those involved to prevent a new peak of COVID

The President thanked the people for their enthusiastic participation in the 1400 elections and the creation of another point in history, and appreciated the Ministry of Health and all those involved in holding the elections who tried to prevent a new peak of the disease by following the health protocols in the election.

President thanks all those involved in holding the 1400 elections

In a message of gratitude to all the actors and those involved in holding the 1400 elections, the President wrote, "I appreciate this meaningful and hopeful movement of the nation on the stage of our country and the individuals, groups and political parties that made the system proud and disappointed the enemies in this national event".

Dr Rouhani in a message addressed to the Iranian nation:

Your glorious presence in elections was heading Supreme Leader's invitation and caused more regret and despair to the enemies and ill-wishers of this nation.

In a message addressed to the people of Iran, the President called the epic and unique presence in the 1400 elections as heeding Supreme Leader of the Revolution's invitation and the manifestation of renewing allegiance to the martyrs of the country, and emphasised, "Your glorious presence in the elections was caused more regret and despair to the enemies and ill-wishers of this nation".

Dr Rouhani after casting his ballot in the presidential election:

Presidential election one of the most important elections in the country/ Everyone watching the Iranian election today/ I hope that high turnout disappoints the enemies

The President called the presidential election one of the most important elections in the country and said, "This election is of great importance and I ask the people not to pay attention to the problems and issues that existed in the stages before the registration of candidates and by attending elections to vote for their preferred candidate".

In the beginning hours of presidential election;

President casts his ballot, visits election headquarters

The President cast his ballot on Friday morning, June 18, in the beginning hours of voting for the 13th presidential election, the 6th election of the city and village Islamic councils, and the mid-term elections of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Assembly of Experts.

Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of health projects:

Iranians to disappoint enemies, ill-wishers of the system by going to the polls tomorrow/ Tomorrow, let us all do our duty/ Revolution in health sector is one of this gov't achievements

The President called the June 18 elections a very important day in the history of the country and said, "I call on our dear people to disappoint the enemies and ill-wishers of the system tomorrow by their enthusiastic presence at the ballot box and voting for the person closest to the person they want."

In the 73rd move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign;

Dr Rouhani inaugurates national health projects/ Measures taken in the field of health in gov't 8-year term unprecedented in the history of the country

The President inaugurated the projects of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in the provinces of Gilan, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Tehran and Qom, as well as two metro stations in the city of Tehran.

Dr Rouhani in the cabinet meeting:

Explaining the reasons for people’s resistance, victory in economic war a must/ We must explain to the people what the situation would be like today if it were not for sanctions, economic war/ We’re at the end point of sanctions

The President said that the people have had a heavy responsibility during the past 8 years, adding, "It is obligatory on all of us to draw the necessary documents to explain the work and efforts of the people, their resistance and success against the problems and crimes of the enemy”.

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology:

E-gov't been one of gov't fundamental actions/ This gov't has acted in the field of transparency instead of chanting slogans/ System of free access to information, access of businesses to gov't data a great achievement

Referring to the launch of two important systems of government services structure and management in the 11th and 12th governments, the President said, "The development of e-government has been one of the basic and infrastructural measures in the government and we are very pleased that this government was able to give a clear picture of the government for the first time".