President: Tehran welcomes developing ties with Islamabad in all fields/$5-billion goal set for Iran-Pakistan business coop./ Facilitating private sectors’ coop. necessary

President Rouhani called Pakistan a friend, brother and neighbouring country with deep cultural commonalities and said: “Tehran welcomes developing ties with Islamabad in all fields”.

Fri 25 - خرداد 2016 - 19:02

In this meeting which happened late on Friday in Islamabad, Dr Rouhani said: “The economic exchanges between the two countries in coming years should reach $5 billion a year by providing more facilities in commercial and banking sectors”.

Referring to extensive capabilities of both countries for deepening ties, especially in private sectors, he said: “Border markets, connecting roads, creating the groundwork for reaching free trade and active cooperation between Gwadar and Chabahar ports should be strengthened”.

He also said that Tehran is ready to develop relations with Pakistan in energy and electricity fields and continued: “Completing and launching gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan benefits both nations”.

Tehran is ready to export electricity to Pakistan and build power plants specialised for generating electricity in the vicinity of Pakistan border, Dr Rouhani continued saying.

On terrorism, he added: “Terrorists’ actions and creating insecurity in the region merely benefits the Zionist Regime and the countries that are exporting weapons, eventually leading to damaging infrastructures and destroying some Muslim countries in the region”.

In this meeting, the Pakistani PM also said: “Iran and Pakistan economies are complementary to each other and Islamabad is determined to upgrade its relations with Tehran in all fields”.

He continued: “Realisation of $5-billion economic ties with Iran is Iranian and Pakistani nations’ wish”.

Nawaz Sharif also stressed completing gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and cooperation between Gwadar and Chabahar ports.

On his country’s readiness for fighting terrorism, he added: “The government of Pakistan is determined to combat and eradicate terrorism and extremism, and in doing so, stands by Tehran”.

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