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In a meeting with Venezuelan counterpart;

President: Iran ready to expand relations with Venezuela

President Rouhani in a meeting on Monday with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said: “Iran is ready to expand comprehensive relations with Venezuela”.

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Describing Tehran-Caracas political relations as solid and friendly and a reliable backing for broad cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including in the field of economic cooperation, he said: "Iran enjoys excellent experiences in its relations with Venezuela, because the relation has always been based on mutual trusts".

Iran and Venezuela are two friendly and united states which pave their ways to further progress and welfare for their nations", President Rouhani added.

Stating that Iran and Venezuela should strive hard to boost their activities especially during the current the post sanctions era through holding a mutual Economic Cooperation Commission, he said:  "Tehran is fully ready to expand scientific and educational cooperation with the Venezuelan part, to meet Venezuelans trade and industrial demands and to implement joint projects based on the previous agreements".

Dr. Rouhani described holding the 3rd meeting of heads of state of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) as an opportunity for the gas producers to show off in the world gas industry and said:" All GECF member countries are following a cleaned energy production in order to enjoy an effective environment".

“Iran and Venezuela share views on political and regional issues and both countries are opposed to violation of Palestinian people’s rights, putting an end to terrorism, and conflicts in Iraq and Syria” added Rouhani.

He also considered coordination between the countries which produce and export energy resources as being beneficial to market stability.

In the same meeting, Maduro said that the ties between Iran and Venezuela are based on mutual trust and political confidence.

“We have got very desirable experience in cooperation with Iran in joint projects” added Maduro.

The President of Venezuela also congratulated President Rouhani on effective organization of the GECF in Tehran and said: “I am confident that with Tehran’s management, the affairs of this group will run powerfully”

On taking advantage of the opportunity created in post-sanctions era, President Maduro said: “The people of Venezuela like the people of Iran and it is necessary that the level of cooperation and ties between the two countries expand and deepen in a broader horizon”

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