President in a press conference at the end of Golestan visit:

We should join hands to be able to resolve problems/Appreciating warm welcoming of Golestan Province people

President appreciated the warm welcoming of the people of Golestan Province during his 2-day visit to the province, saying, “People’s welcoming shows that they support the Revolution and the system with all their might”.

Shahid Nabavi trauma, medical emergency centre opens in Gorgan

The 152-bed Shahid Nabavi Trauma and Medical Emergency Centre opened in Gorgan City in Dr Rouhani’s presence.

President addressing Sunni and Shia clerics in Golestan Province:

All Shia, Sunni intellectuals, clerics preach Islam, Prophet, Ahl ul-Bayt/Technology waves don’t ask our permission; we need to use new methods, be active in cyberspace

President described the role of the seminaries and intellectuals in promoting spirituality and devotion very important and said, “All Shia and Sunni clerics and intellectuals preach Islam, the Prophet and Ahl ul-Bayt”.

President condoling Boeing 707 crash and the loss of Army personnel:

Responsible organs look closely into the crash and take the necessary measures for preventing such irreparable accidents/Condoling the bereaved families

President sent a message to express condolences over the Boeing 707 crash and the loss of hard-working Army personnel and said that it was essential that the responsible organs look closely into the crash and take the necessary measures for preventing such tragic, irreparable accidents from happening.

President felicitates new Armenian PM on appointment

President sent a message to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to offer him congratulations on his re-appointment and expressed hope that relations between the two countries further develop.

President at the meeting of Development and Elites of Golestan Province:

Enemy’s attacked entire family; time to solve problems, not bring up discord/We’ll neither surrender, nor be disappointed/We’ll help farmers, employees, workers as much as we can

President stressed that, “The enemy has attacked the entire family and it is time to solve problems, not bring up disagreements,” adding, “We will neither surrender, nor be disappointed, but rather we are hoping to put the problems behind”.

In Dr Rouhani’s presence through videoconferencing;

61 infrastructural, economic projects open, operationalise in Golestan

61 infrastructural and economic projects opened or put to operation in Golestan Province in Dr Rouhani’s presence through videoconferencing.

President addressing people at Gonbad-e Kavus’ Takhti Stadium:

Golestan the province of unity among ethnic, religious groups/All we smelt in Golestan is unity, fraternity/We’re proud of today’s security, people’s vigilance, scientific growth

President described Golestan Province as the province of unity among all ethnic and religious groups, saying, “The historical land of Golestan has been host to many great people”.

President arrives in Kalaleh, Golestan

President entered Kalaleh Airport in Golestan Province in north-eastern Iran to continue his provincial tour.

At a cabinet session chaired by President Rouhani;

Credit, loans allocated for disaster mitigation in 5 provinces/PBO reports on production, employment plans

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday evening in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani.

To meet with people and check on the progress of projects;

President to visit Golestan Province tomorrow

The President is visiting Golestan Province tomorrow to meet with the people of the province and check on the progress of projects and people’s needs.

President at Supreme Council of Cyberspace:

Qom City, Dey 19 cradles of Islamic Revolution/Great cyberspace opportunities should be guided towards production, employment during sanctions

President described the uprising of the people of Qom City in 9 January 1978 a turning point in the history of the Islamic Revolution and said, “The seminary, revolution and country owe a lot to the people of Qom”.