Fri Mar 24, 2017 02:29:27
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President in a cordial meeting with South Khorasan youth and distinguished figures:

Gov’t efforts based on protecting people’s dignity, national interests/Employment for youth must be a top priority/Developing infrastructure, attracting investment essential for employment/People’s lives, banks’ aim at production

President Rouhani had a cordial meeting with a number of South Khorasan youth and distinguished figures late on Wednesday in Birjand and said: “The government of Prudence and Hope has aimed its efforts at protecting people’s dignity and national interests”.

At President Rouhani’s presence;

15 projects start operation in South Khorasan

15 infrastructural and construction projects in South Khorasan province started operation on Wednesday at President Rouhani’s order.

President opens Baqeran Cement Factory/2350 direct, indirect jobs to be created

President Rouhani opened Baqeran Cement Factory in Darmian county on Wenesday during his visit to South Khorasan province.

In order to open construction and infrastructural projects;

President arrives in South Khorasan

President Rouhani arrived in South Khorasan province on Wednesday in order to open construction and infrastructural projects.

In separate phone calls;

President congratulates new year to great Maraji

President Rouhani made separate phone calls to the great Religious References and congratulated the new year to them.

President congratulates new year to Supreme Leader

President Rouhani spoke with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei by phone and congratulated him on the advent of year 1396.

President while visiting 7 Tir Welfare and Rehabilitation Complex:

Employment the key issue, our goal/Required decisions for realising Supreme Leader’s points to be made in 1st session of Supreme Council of Employment

President Rouhani paid a visit to 7 Tir Welfare and Rehabilitation Complex in Tehran on Monday in the early hours of the new year and said: “Spring is the season of hope and gives all of us hope and liveliness, telling us that the era of cold is over and moderate weather will spread everywhere”.

In President Rouhani’s presence in the early hours of the new year;

Razak pharmaceuticals’ solids production line opens/60 new medicines unveiled

President Rouhani opened the solids production line of Razak Pharmaceutical Company in the early hours of the Iranian new year, 1396.

President pays a new-year visit to 7 Tir welfare, rehabilitation centre

President Rouhani paid a visit to 7 Tir Welfare and Rehabilitation Complex in Tehran on Monday in the early hours of the new year.

President in a Nowruz message to the Iranian nation:

New year the year of more development, employment for youth/We achieved considerable industrial, production growth/24000 industrial units activated/Cyberspace must be secure for people/We must stand together to have honourable Iran

President Rouhani congratulated the advent of the new Iranian year, 1936, to the Iranian nation and described government’s achievements in harnessing inflation and bringing economic growth and employment in year 1395 as unparalleled.

President congratulates Tunisia national day

President Rouhani sent a message to President of Tunisia on Monday to congratulate him on the anniversary of national day of the Tunisian Republic.

President in a message to heads of 11 countries congratulating Nowruz:

Nowruz festival of moderation, peace, light, liveliness/Peace, unity in ancient Nowruz region moderate nations’ demand

President Rouhani sent separate messages to heads of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India and Uzbekistan and congratulated them on the advent of Nowruz.

President while visiting the family of martyrs Palizvani:

Meeting families of martyrs, veterans an honour for officials/Families of martyrs have a high place in people’s hearts

President Rouhani visited the family and mother of three martyrs, Mostafa, Morteza and Mohammad Palizvani and spoke with them in a cordial atmosphere.

President while visiting wounded war veteran:

Islamic Republic won by Imam’s leadership, martyrs and veterans’ devotion

President Rouhani visited a wounded war veteran, Heydar Banaee late on Wednesday and said: “The Islamic Republic won victory because of Imam [Khomeini]’s leadership and martyrs and veterans’ devotion and self-sacrifice”.