In separate phone calls with Minister of Energy and Governor-General of Khuzestan;

President instructs taking immediate action and solve the drinking water problem in some areas of Ahwaz

In separate talks with Minister of Energy Dr Reza Ardakanian and Governor-General of Khuzestan Gholamreza Shariati on Monday, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to some problems that have recently arisen for people in drinking water supply in some areas of Ahwaz, stressing that it is necessary to solve this problem with the help of the relevant departments.

In a phone call with Minister of Roads and Urban Development;

President instructs accelerating rail, road projects/ Dr Rouhani stresses attempting to finalise national housing scheme

The President described the "National Housing Action Scheme" as an important move to serve people, especially the middle-class and the lower-class of the society, and stressed the need to accelerate the process of activities to achieve this plan.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with Minister of Communications and Information Technology:

Development and completion of e-government, cyberspace important for the people

The President stressed the importance of the development of e-government in the country and, appreciated the efforts of those active in this field, stressing the need to make efforts to finalise it in the country as soon as possible.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with Interior Minister:

Governor-generals, officials of cities where coronavirus spread has increased must step up care, monitoring/ We can only pass coronavirus by strictly observing health protocols

The President instructed the Interior Minister to inform the governor-generals in provinces and officials of cities where coronavirus and has increased in recent days to increase care and fully justify the people and give them accurate information to encourage them to observe health protocols.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the Minister of Health:

Provincial anti-coronavirus task forces in some cities where cases have grown must double efforts/ Emphasis on monitoring by the Ministry of Health on the strict implementation national task force resolutions

The President instructed the Minister of Health and Medical Education to intensify activities and monitor the provincial anti-coronavirus task forces in two provinces and several cities where the number of people infected with coronavirus has increased, to curb the growing trend of the virus.

President in a phone call with the CBI governor:

Emphasis on Central Bank's redoubled efforts to control inflation/ Use all legal capacities and tools to access the country's foreign exchange resources in foreign banks

The President instructed the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to continue his efforts to access the country's foreign exchange resources in foreign banks, using all legal capacities and tools, and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the Governor-General of Khuzestan:

Cooperation among executive and health managers of province imperative for controlling coronavirus faster/ Emphasis on intensifying supervisory measures, strict observance of health protocols/ Increasing consultation and efforts of provincial authorities to strengthen trade with neighbouring countries

The President stressed the need for stepping up cooperation and efforts of the executive and health managers of Khuzestan province to control the number of coronavirus cases in the province faster, and said, "If health protocols are not observed carefully and the spread of coronavirus increases, in addition to endangering public health, it will resume restrictions, which will cause a lot of economic damage to Khuzestan.

President felicitates Lebanese counterpart on Resistance Day

In a message to the Lebanese President on Sunday, Dr Hassan Rouhani congratulated the Resistance Day, the anniversary of the great and proud victory of the Lebanese people over the Zionist occupiers, to the government and the people of Lebanon.

Emphasised in a phone call between the Presidents of Iran and Turkey;

Reopening land and air borders of the two countries soon by observing health protocols imperative/ Cementing Tehran-Ankara ties/ Cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two countries against coronavirus

In a telephone conversation on Eid al-Fitr on Sunday, the Presidents of Iran and Turkey congratulated the governments and people of the two countries, and stressed the need to develop and deepen relations, especially economic and trade relations.

Dr Rouhani in a message felicitating Eid al-Fitr to the honourable and pious people of Iran:

Eid al-Fitr the end of a blessed month with constructive achievements and the beginning of a hopeful path/ We thank God that this year, despite special circumstances and worries about people's health, the greatness of understanding these blessed days was not disrupted

In a message to the Iranian people, congratulating them on Eid al-Fitr and wishing them the acceptance of their worship during the holy month of Ramadan, the President wrote, "We thank God that this year, despite the special circumstances and concerns about people's health, there was no disruption in the greatness and understanding of these blessed days, and during the days and nights of this Quranic spring, our honourable and fasting people performed divine commands and associated with enlightened teachings and rituals, especially in Laylat al-Qadr ceremonies, revealed a new experience of worship in more difficult circumstances and a sincere desire for religious and spiritual values ​​and divine teachings in a more beautiful and effective way than before".

Dr Rouhani felicitates leaders of Islamic countries on Eid al-Fitr

In separate messages to the leaders of Islamic countries, governments and Muslim nations, Dr Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, congratulated Eid al-Fitr to them.

At the meeting of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination;

Agreeing to the generalisation of e-commerce rules and procedures on the sale and delivery of medicine/ Tax incentives to be provided to eligible companies applying for admission to the stock market

The 50th session of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination was held on Saturday evening, chaired by Dr Hassan Rouhani and attended by the heads of the legislature, the judiciary and other members.

President at the meeting of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination:

Dr Larijani has been a valuable figure in the system since the beginning of the revolution/ Dr Larijani will certainly be active in other fields as in the past

At the end of the 50th session of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination on Saturday evening, the President praised the active and valuable presence of Dr Ali Larijani and representatives of the parliament in these meetings, and said, "Mr Larijani was actively present in these meetings and gave very good comments in various fields, and I would like to thank him and the two members of parliament who helped us in these meetings".

At the meeting of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination;

President thanks Dr Ali Larijani for his valuable efforts and services

The President praised Dr Ali Larijani's efforts, valuable services, and effective presence as Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly for three terms, as well as his support and empathy with the Government of Prudence and Hope.

Dr Rouhani in a telephone call with the Emir of Qatar:

Emphasis on cementing ties with Qatar/ Regional security must be ensured by its countries/ We hope the US does not make a mistake/ Iran's readiness to help Qatar for better hosting the FIFA World Cup

The President described the relations with the friendly and neighbouring country of Qatar friendly and strategic, and emphasised, "Our view of the relations with Qatar is long-term and strategic and we do not look at it in a short-term way."