President in a meeting with the Pakistani Army Chief:

Close ties between Iranian, Pakistani nations a valuable asset for deepening ties/ Iran welcomes neighbours’ efforts to resolve regional issues/ US’ military presence doubled Afghanistan’s problems

President stressed the importance of deepening bilateral relations between Iran and Pakistan and said, "Close relations between the Iranian and Pakistani nations is a valuable asset that can be used to further develop relations in different fields of mutual interest”.

New Iranian ambassadors to 9 countries meet with Dr Rouhani

New ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Finland, Congo, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Republic of Guinea, Kenya, Senegal, Turkmenistan and Tunisia met with President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday before leaving on their country of mission.

President while receiving the new Cambodian Ambassador’s credentials:

Tehran welcomes cementing ties with Phnom Penh

President stressed that Tehran welcomes deepening relations with Phnom Penh, adding, "Iran and Cambodia have very good potentials for development of economic and trade relations”.

President while receiving the new Yemeni Ambassador’s credentials:

Yemeni nation’s bravery, steadfastness against aggressors praiseworthy/ Iran to stand with Yemenis based on its religious duty

President praised the bravery and steadfastness of the Yemeni nation against aggressors and stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Yemenis with all its might to lay the ground for the establishment of peace and stability in the country and continuation of Yemeni-Yemeni negotiations”

President while receiving the new Zimbabwean Ambassador’s credentials:

Iran welcomes further deepening of ties with Zimbabwe in all fields/ Stressing further cooperation between private sectors

Expressing happiness with the developing process of Iran-Zimbabwe relations, the President said, "Iran welcomes further development of economic, political and cultural relations with Zimbabwe”.

President while receiving the new Australian Ambassador’s credentials:

US illegal sanctions a grave political, economic mistake, violating int’l law/ JCPOA’s collapse to be detrimental to entire world/ US must understand it’s not world’s leader

President referred to the United States’ urging of other countries to have military presence in the region as a move that is detrimental to regional and world security and stability, saying, "Regional countries, especially Iran, are well capable of ensuring their own security and other countries’ military presence will be very dangerous”.

President while receiving the new Swedish Ambassador’s credentials:

Iran willing to deepen ties with Sweden/ Iran reducing its JCPOA commitments within its framework/ IAEA’s monitoring on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities to continue

Stating that Iran and Sweden have always had good relations, President expressed hope that Tehran-Stockholm relations further deepen in the interests of the two nations.

President felicitates Oman on National Day

President Rouhani sent a message to the Sultan of Oman to felicitate him and the people of the country on the National Day of the Sultanate of Oman.

Cabinet session held, chaired by President/ Dr Rouhani: Supreme Leader's tactful remarks to be final for all authorities

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday evening in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani.

President in a cabinet session:

Gov’t aimed at helping middle-class, lower-income households by aid scheme/ Instructing PBO to begin paying aid from Monday/ Protest people’s right; but protest is different from anarchy

Speaking at a cabinet session on Sunday evening, President referred to the incidents in the last 3 days and said, “The government’s goal by the aid scheme is helping the middle-class and lower-income households”.

At the session of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination;

All gov’t bodies to fully cooperate in implementing fuel consumption management, helping lower-income classes/ Economic aid to be regularly paid every month

The Supreme Council of Economic Coordination convened on Saturday with heads of the judicial, legislative and executive branches and other members taking part.

President in a meeting with cabinet members, officials:

Petrol price rise to benefit people, help lower-income classes/ Despite economic issues, gov’t not seeking to earn income by rising petrol price

Stressing the importance of government’s move to increase the price of petrol and helping the lower-income and middle classes of the society with its income, the President said, “This move will be beneficial to lower-income classes and can be effective in resolving their problems”.

President at the meeting of authorities, IUC guests with Supreme Leader:

Following the Prophet the only way for Muslims to stand against US, Zionist Regime, regional reactionaries’ aggression/ Prophet believed everyone is equal before the law/ Being Persian or Arab not a privilege; our privilege is following the Prophet

President described following Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as the only way for Muslims to stand against the aggression and discord-sowing attempts of the United States, the Zionist Regime, and the regional reactionaries, stressing that the Prophet brought a modern civilisation for the world with his miracles of the Book, wisdom, ethics and politics.

President felicitates the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday to Islamic nations

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the birthday of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to the governments and people of Islamic nations in separate messages addressed to their leaders.