President at 14th Summit of the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO):

ECO constitutes a priority in the paradigm governing Iran’s regional and neighbourhood policies/ Intra-regional trade remains as low as less than 10 percent– totally unacceptable/ The return path to the JCPOA is straightforward; if the US government is determined to return, there is no need for negotiations

Stressing that ECO enjoys invaluable potential in terms of human and natural resources, energy reserves, complementary economies, interested private sectors, and an incomparable regionally and globally transit and transport advantages, the President said, "ECO constitutes a priority in the paradigm governing Iran’s regional and neighbourhood policies".

With Dr Rouhani taking part;

Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) summit kicks off

The 14th ECO Summit kicked off on Thursday with the theme of "Regional Cooperation in the PostCOVID Era" with the participation of the leaders of the 10 member states.

In the 54th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign;

1004 municipal projects across the country inaugurated by president

In the 54th move of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production' campaign, the President issued the inauguration of 1004 municipal projects worth 10.18 trillion tomans.

President instructs Ministers of Industry, Agriculture Jihad;

No commodity price should increase without coordination with the economic board

The President instructed the Ministers of Industry, Mine and Trade and Agriculture Jihad that nobody has the right to increase the price of any goods without coordination with the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board.

President felicitates Bulgaria on National Day

In a message congratulating the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria, the President expressed hope that the relations between the two countries would deepen further in all political, economic and cultural spheres, in order to establish and maintain international peace and stability.

Dr Rouhani in the cabinet meeting:

Words not enough for US’ return to JCPOA; they must act/ We’ve lived up to our commitment to people; now both centrifuges, wheel of economy spinning/ Trade with world the right of people/ Sanctions must be lifted; this is people’s right

Referring to being in the last days of the year 1399 and emphasising the full observance of health protocols during Nowruz ceremonies and celebrations by the people, the President said, "In the last days of the year, the first duty of the government is to inaugurate all the projects that can be opened in the country”.

President at the session of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Porting, smuggling fuel not appropriate for country, people/ Achieving a balance in currency prices requires a favorable environment for economic activities

Pointing out that cross-border trade was formed with the aim of improving the lives and livelihoods of border residents and at the same time helping the field of trade with neighbours, the President stressed, "Phenomena like porting and smuggling fuel have serious economic and social damages and are not in line with the dignity of the people and the country".

President in a phone call with his French counterpart:

JCPOA not renegotiable, the only way to maintain it is lift of US sanctions/ Law passed by parliament implemented, but Iran's cooperation with IAEA continues/ Missing opportunity to save JCPOA can complicate situation/ Iran, France can cooperate positively in regional issues by developing cooperation

The President referred to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a multilateral international agreement with specific parties, which was endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 2231, and said, "The JCPOA cannot be renegotiated in any way, and the only way to maintain and revive it is the lift of sanctions by the American side".

President at the inauguration of Ministry of Oil projects in Bushehr, Ilam:

Oil, petrochemical industries of great importance for country/ JCPOA was very important, that’s why they conspired to break it/ World, US will have to kneel before Iranian nation/ Trump was the executor of conspiracies of Zionists, regional reactionaries against JCPOA

Referring to the high importance of the oil and petrochemical industries for the country, the President said, "In the eleventh and twelfth governments, unique and valuable work has been done in the field of developing the oil and petrochemical industries, and this is one of the honours of this government."

In the 53rd session of ‘Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production’ campaign;

Ministry of Oil projects in Bushehr, Ilam inaugurated at Dr Rouhani’s order

On Monday, in the 53rd session of ‘Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production’ campaign, the President ordered the inauguration of inaugurating and launching the implementation of three national projects of the Ministry of Oil in Bushehr and Ilam provinces with a budget of 5.659 billion euros through video conference.

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Stability of commodity prices, balance in foreign exchange market gov’t main policy/ The current exchange rate not compatible with reality of the country's economy, will be declining

At Sunday's meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board, a report on the implemented and ongoing government plans to stabilise the foreign exchange market was presented by the relevant agencies.

President at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus:

Strict observance of health protocols, especially in the days ahead essential/ Today, gov't concentrated on purchasing vaccine, providing any amount we can

The President called for strict observance of health instructions, especially in the coming days and the approach of Nowruz, and stressed that in the process of combating COVID-19 in the country, controlling and monitoring should continue.

President at the opening ceremony of Ghadeer Freeway:

Inaugurating 221km of freeways in one year a success in the year of 'Surge in Production'/ It is necessary to hand over affairs to private sector, people/ During the government's term, 1000km of freeways have been built in the country

Appreciating those involved in the construction of the Ghadeer Freeway, the President emphasised that the opening of 221 km of freeways during one year during the economic war imposed by the enemies is a success in the year of Surge in Production.