President at the meeting of disaster management task force:

Quick discharge of floodwater key step/ Army, IRGC should accelerate floodwater discharge/ Protecting people’s life the main priority

President Rouhani described quick discharge of floodwater from the flood-stricken cities a very important step and called on the Army and IRGC to accelerate the process.

President in a meeting with ministers, managers, officials:

Planning must be long-term/ People helping victims very valuable/ Boosting production the way to development, progress/ Trump’s decision to unilaterally grant Golan Heights to Zionists a colonial, meaningless move

President described alleviating the hardships and helping people by solving their problems, especially in flood-stricken areas as everybody’s duty and said, “Today’s first priority in flood-hit areas is providing relief and repairing the damages cause by the recent incidents”.

President in a message of condolences over citizens’ death in floods:

Authorities should double efforts for addressing flood-hit areas problems/ Condoling bereaved families, esp. in Shiraz/ Thanking all relief institution, police, military forces

President sent a message to express condolences over the death of a number of Iranian citizens in the recent floods in some provinces, calling on all related officials to double their efforts for addressing the problems in the areas hit by the floods.

President after receiving 1st VP’s report on flood-hit areas:

Final estimates of damage to flood-hit areas should be ready for cabinet’s Wednesday session/ All governor-generals, governors be fully alert

After receiving the latest report by First Vice-President Dr Jahangiri on the flood-stricken areas in northern parts of the country, President Hassan Rouhani issued the necessary instruction for managing the situation.

President’s instructions after receiving latest reports on flood-hit areas:

All facilities of neighbouring provinces must be mobilised for swift aid to flood-hit areas in Golestan, Mazandaran

President had phone calls with the Minister of Interior and local officials to and received the latest report on the conditions of areas hit by the recent flood in Golestan and Mazandaran provinces.

In separate messages;

President felicitates Nowruz 1398 to heads of regional states

President Rouhani sent separate messages to heads of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq and Uzbekistan to congratulate Nowruz 1398 to them.

President speaking to reporters after visiting Pegah Diary:

Gov’t, people, entrepreneurs must work harder to increase production quality/ Capital, tech, market key bases for boosting production

President referred to the naming of Year 1398 as the Year of Boosting Production by the Supreme Leader and said, “This year is name the year of boosting production, and the government, people and entrepreneurs must work harder to increase the quality of production”.

In separate phone calls;

President felicitates New Year to religious leaders

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the beginning of Year 1398 to the major religious references, and wished them a year full of health and success.

President felicitates New Year to Supreme Leader

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the beginning of year 1398 to Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei over telephone.

President visits Pegah Dairy Industries Company

On the first day of year 1398, which is named “The Year of Boosting Production”, President Hassan Rouhani visited Pegah Dairy Industries Company.

On the first day of year 1398;

President makes a surprise visit to emergency base in Tehran-Karaj MTWY

President made an unannounced visit to an EMS base in Tehran-Karaj Motorway, Chitgar Road Rescue Centre, and traffic policy base in Alborz Province on the first day of year 1398, and thanked them for their efforts.

President in a New Year message to Iranian nation:

New Year the year of production, efforts, employment for the young/ We must all feel responsible towards problems/ Issues began with enemies, newcomers in Washington, but ends by us/ New Year the year of harnessing inflation, more friendship with all neighbours

In a televised New Year address to the Iranian nation in the first minutes of year 1398, President Rouhani listed the achievements and problems that people faced last year, and named the New Year as the year of new decisions, national integrity and more effort.

President in a press conference at the end of his visit to Bushehr Province:

1.5 trillion tomans allocated to developmental projects in province/ Bushehr on the path to development/ Thanking warm welcoming of Bushehr, Kangan people

Stating that during the visit to Bushehr Province, 1.5 trillion tomans was allocated to developmental projects in the province, President said, “I hope that all of these projects launch by the end of this government’s term of office”.

President at the session of Administrative Council of Bushehr Province:

Opening 4 phases of South Pars in one day a matter of national pride/ Judiciary should sue US authorities for crime against humanity/ We should make US understand it’s going the wrong direction/ Today, the day of unity, solidarity

President described the opening of four phases of South Pars Gas Field in one day a matter of national pride and said, “Without the JCPOA, opening 15 phases of South Pars in such a short time would have been impossible”.