President in a meeting with cabinet members, officials:

Petrol price rise to benefit people, help lower-income classes/ Despite economic issues, gov’t not seeking to earn income by rising petrol price

Stressing the importance of government’s move to increase the price of petrol and helping the lower-income and middle classes of the society with its income, the President said, “This move will be beneficial to lower-income classes and can be effective in resolving their problems”.

President at the meeting of authorities, IUC guests with Supreme Leader:

Following the Prophet the only way for Muslims to stand against US, Zionist Regime, regional reactionaries’ aggression/ Prophet believed everyone is equal before the law/ Being Persian or Arab not a privilege; our privilege is following the Prophet

President described following Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as the only way for Muslims to stand against the aggression and discord-sowing attempts of the United States, the Zionist Regime, and the regional reactionaries, stressing that the Prophet brought a modern civilisation for the world with his miracles of the Book, wisdom, ethics and politics.

President felicitates the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday to Islamic nations

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the birthday of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to the governments and people of Islamic nations in separate messages addressed to their leaders.

President at the opening ceremony of the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference:

Palestine, Al-Quds most important issues in World of Islam/ US, Zionist Regime’s failure because of World of Islam’s vigilance, alertness/ Young generation should understand that US not regional nations, Muslims’ friend/ Regional issues must be resolved by its own peoples

President described Palestine and Al-Quds as the most important issues in World of Islam, and referred to the United States and the Zionist Regime’s policies for this important issue to be forgotten as the World of Islam’s first priority, adding, “The public opinion in the World of Islam will not allow enemies to make the issue of Palestine and the Holy Quds be forgotten as the top priority of the World of Islam”.

President at cabinet session:

Prophet (PBUH) was listening ear for everyone/ Quake-hit people mustn’t live in tents in cold; we’ll pay their rents

Stating that the people affected by the recent earthquake in East Azerbaijan Province must not live in tents in cold weather, Dr Rouhani said, "They should rather rent a house, and we will pay their rents”.

President in a press conference at the end of his visit to Kerman Province:

All sectors must be encouraged to develop tourism in Kerman/ Thanking the people of the province for hosting gov’t

President referred to the beginning of operation and construction of 41 projects in Kerman Province and stressed that the unveiling of mining, industrial and steel projects in Sirjan and Baft will contribute to the province’s more development.

President at the session of Administrative Council of Kerman Province;

Inflation trend downward, economic growth upward since April/ Salary employees’ payment to boost next year/ We should run the country based on our own capabilities

President said that the inflation trend has been downward and economic growth upward since April, adding, “The path that the government and the state are on is right; at the same time, you are right about having hardships, but these conditions are made by the enemies and we did not start this”.

At Dr Rouhani’s order;

41 infrastructural, industrial, economic projects in Kerman Province unveil, begin

The President ordered the start of operation or construction of 41 infrastructural, industrial, and economic projects in Kerman Province.

President at the opening ceremony of mining, steel, water and power projects in Kerman:

Finalisation of hundreds infrastructural, construction projects in Yazd, Kerman achievement of Iranian nation's hard work/ If we don't know how to behave in politics, we'll defame our country/ If we don't follow modern tech, we'll fall behind

President described the finalisation of hundreds of infrastructural and construction projects in Yazd and Kerman as the achievement of Iranian nation's hard work and faith, saying, "We should take bigger steps to lead our country towards development and advancement".

In the presence of the President;

Developmental projects of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Zone inaugurate

Sirjan Jahan Foolad Company No. 1 Melting and Casting Factory, Line 2 of Mega-module Direct Reduction Plant (Kowsar) Gol Gohar Iron and Steel Development Company, Gol Gohar Power Plant steam unit of Gohar Energy Co. were opened in Sirjan City on Monday.

President addressing the bumper crowd of people in Rafsanjan:

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani was a forethoughtful religious intellectual/ Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s key teaching to us was moderation/ Today, our nuclear power higher than any other time

President stated that with the decisions made, the drinking water of the people of Yazd and Kerman provinces will be supplied for the next 30 years, adding, “The unveiling of 14 trillion tomans worth of projects in Kerman province and hundreds of others in Yazd indicates that we have not sat idle and we are not hoping anything from outside”.

President in a press conference in Yazd:

Finalising ongoing projects in Yazd will definitely transform the province/ We'll keep pursuing drinking water supply project for the next 30 yrs

President described the decisions made by the government in its visit to Yazd Province as very effective in the development of the province, adding, "Without a doubt, finalising ongoing projects in Yazd will transform the province".

At the session of the Administrative Council of Yazd Province;

659 projects unveiled in Yazd Province/ 7 economic MoUs signed

659 economic and infrastructural plans and projects with a credit of over 4.4 trillion tomans, €167m and $22m were unveiled or started operation in Yazd Province.