President at the inauguration ceremony of 422 projects in the fields of sports, youth and tourism:

Sport, tourism two key pillars in boosting vitality, health in society/ Great, magical works of Iranian civilisation should be shown to world more/ Our women's sports show incorrectness of propaganda against Iran in recent years

The President described sports and tourism as two important pillars in strengthening the vitality and health of the society and very important, and emphasised that we should not only protect the cultural heritage of the country for thousands of years, but also provide more opportunities to provide it to the world, so that by seeing these great and magical works, the world knows what important records this nation has.

In the 25th week of inauguration of national projects across the country;

President opens 422 projects in sports, youth, tourism

In the twenty-fifth week of the inauguration of national projects across the country with the slogan of 'Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production', 422 projects, including 335 projects in the field of sports and youth and 87 projects in the field of tourism, were inaugurated by the President.

In separate messages to the President and Prime Minister of Armenia;

Dr Rouhani felicitates Armenia on National Day

In separate messages to the President and Prime Minister of Armenia, the President congratulated the arrival of the country's National Day and expressed hope that the Tehran-Yerevan relations would be further deepened and developed to serve the interests of the two nations.

President condoles Ayatollah Mamduhi's passing

In a message of condolences on the demise of the pious scholar Ayatollah Mamduhi, the President offered his condolences to the seminaries, the noble people of Kermanshah, his students and honourable family, and wished his entire family patience and health.

At the meeting of the NDFI Board of Trustees chaired by Dr Rouhani;

Executive procedure, method of settling foreign exchange claims of NDFI in Rials approved

The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the National Development Fund of Iran (NDFI) was held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Dr Hassan Rouhani, and it was decided that following the Supreme Leader's approval, investors who do not have foreign exchange income, can pay their instalments in rials until the end of the year 1399.

In cabinet meeting chaired by Dr Rouhani;

Foreign Minister's report on UNSC's opposition to the trigger mechanism/ Gov't agrees to increase capital of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company

At Wednesday's cabinet meeting chaired by Dr Hassan Rouhani, ‌Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health and Medical Education presented reports.

President at the cabinet meeting:

"Illusions and miscalculations" were the cause of Saddam's ouster, today this is exactly what White House rulers are repeating/ We've never started war, we'll win this economic war with people's resistance/ If we believe that the burden of war is not just on gov't, we will surely win

The president called "illusions and miscalculations" the main cause of Saddam regime's attack on Islamic Iran and stressed that Saddam came with these illusions and miscalculations, he was disgraced and destroyed himself, and every one of his regional allies expressed regret, and today, these illusions are being exactly repeated by the rulers of the White House.

President addressing 75th UN General Assembly:

The era of dominance and hegemony is long over; Today is the time to say “no” to bullying and arrogance/ Our nations and children deserve a better and safer world based on the rule of law/ US can impose neither negotiations, nor war on us/ We are proud of our people determining their destiny, will not trade domestic freedom with foreign interference

The president stated that "the United States can impose neither negotiations, nor war on us", stressing that for the world, today is the time to say “no” to bullying and arrogance. The era of dominance and hegemony is long over and our nations and children deserve a better and safer world based on the rule of law. Now is the time for the right choice.

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution:

This land's children's religious, belief culture key factor of endurance, resistance, victory in the 8-year defence/ Holy Defence created the culture of jihad, self-sacrifice, martyrdom/ Undoubtedly, in the Holy Defence, manpower played the leading role/ The families of martyrs, veterans literally promote the culture of self-sacrifice, endurance, patience and forbearance in the society

Emphasising that culture played a very important role in the 8 years of Holy Defence, the President said, "The main factor of endurance, resistance and victory in the 8 years of defence was culture, especially the religious and doctrinal culture of the children of this land, and the Holy Defence created a culture of jihad, self-sacrifice and martyrdom".

President appoints Dr Mohammadreza Safari as Veterinary Council Chief

In a letter of appointment, Dr Rouhani appointed Dr Mohammadreza Safari as "the Chief of the Veterinary Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran" for another four-year period.

In the meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board chaired by Dr Rouhani;

Guaranteed purchase price of wheat for the next crop year set at 4,000 Tomans/ Guidance and liquidity management the first priority of the country's economy

At the meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, after presenting the reports of the relevant agencies regarding the supply of wheat in the country and the measures taken to continue self-sufficiency and provide bread to the people more economically, the guaranteed purchase price of wheat, which had already been approved by the Council, was set at 4,000 tomans for the next crop year.

President in a message on the occasion of the Holy Defence Week:

Holy Defence Week reminder of freedom, sacrifice of people who were able to record their glorious victory in history/ Outcome of 40-year steadfastness, resistance of the Iranian people is the insight against the enemies' attacks/ Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani was one of the heroes who achieved great victories thanks to their courage

The President sent a message on the occasion of the Holy Defence Week, stressing that the Holy Defence Week is the reminder of the freedom and self-sacrifice of the people who were able to resist the plots and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and Iran, and recorded their glorious victory in the history.

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination of the Three Branches:

Year 1399 budget goals to be realised based on realistic planning for surge in production, alleviating poverty

The President said that with the plans made for the realisation of this year's budget, efforts have been made to take realistic measures regarding the economic situation of the country, adding, "With the resources allocated in the field of essentials and the raw materials for production, we will have no problems and the goals of year 199 budget will be achieved through realistic planning and actions for surge in production and alleviating poverty".

President at the meeting of Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board:

Uninterrupted supply of basic goods, raw materials to the manufacturing sector the most important sign of sanctions' failure

The President stated, "The most important sign of the failure of the sanctions imposed on the Iranian economy is that despite the many restrictions on the sale of oil and foreign currency earnings, the supply of basic goods and raw materials needed by the country, is being done without interruption and according to plans".