Sat Feb 6, 2016 16:50:30
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In order to inaugurate industrial and construction plans;

President arrives in Mashhad

President Rouhani arrived in Mashhad’s Shahid Hashemi Nejad Ariport early Saturday to inaugurate a number of construction, health, and industrial plans.

President condoles the death of Assadi Khanouki martyrs’ father

President Rouhani sent a letter to condole the death of 3 martyrs’ father, Haj Ali Akbar Assadi Khanouki.

President Rouhani during the unveiling ceremony of spatial achievements:

JCPOA 1 concluded; time to implement National JCPOA/Everybody should step in to implement JCPOA 2/JCPOA does not mean opening borders for import/Tech. developments be conveyed to public opinion/Gov’t supports tech. transfer to private sectors

President Rouhani appeared in the unveiling ceremony of achievements in the space field and stated that the country has successfully passed implementation of “JCPOA 1” and now it is the time to implement the “JCPOA 2” which he described as “National Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action”

On the national Day of Space Technology;

Three important achievements in space field unveiled at President’s presence

President Dr Hassan Rouhani appeared at the Summit Hall on Wednesday and unveiled three achievements in space area on the national Day of Space Technology.

In a cabinet session chaired by the President;

Mehr Houses surpluses to be transferred to applicants without considering some conditions/$140m allocated for completing Mehr Housing Scheme infrastructures

In order to execute future plans for provision of housing, the Council of Ministers agreed on transferring the Mehr Housing Scheme surpluses to the applicants, regardless of some of their conditions.

President in a meeting with German FM:

Planning for Tehran-Berlin long-term coop. necessary/All parties should try to set up firm bases for JCPOA/Terrorists’ financial, weaponry sources should be obstructed

“Tehran and Berlin are determined to deepen cooperation in political, economic, and cultural fields” said President Rouhani in a meeting with Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

President in a televised interview;

Gov’t supports entrepreneurs/People’s welfare, government’s main aim/Overcoming difficulties depends on people’s high hopes/The main economic, political role belongs to people, gov’t only a to assist

“Today, the world has understood that the Iranian nation follows reason and forbearance, it is no threat to any country and plays an important role in bolstering stability and security in the region,” said President while talking to people through television Tuesday night.

President condoles the sad demise of Major General Salimi

President Hassan Rouhani in a message on Monday expressed his condolences over the sad demise of the Major General Mohammad Salimi, one of the best famous and brave commander of the Islamic Republic Army to Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, as the Chief Commander of all Armed Forces, all armed forces, brave army, especially the great family of the deceased.

In a cabinet session;

President elaborates on most important achievements of Italy, France trip

President Rouhani chaired a cabinet session and described the achievements of the Italy and France trip as: development of international interactions, confronting Iranophobia project, absolute lift of sanctions, respectful treatment of Iranians by the host countries, and ample enthusiasm and serious resolve in cooperating with Iran.

President at the tomb of Imam Khomeini (RA):

Nothing should dash people’s hopes/People come to ballots in any conditions, choose the best candidate

Imam (Khomeini)’s way and principles have always been helpful, said President Rouhani while visiting the tomb of the Late Imam Khomeini (RA) on Sunday, adding: “Today, on the verge of the thirty seventh anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution at the tomb of Imam Khomeini (RA) the great founder of the Islamic Revolution, we once again pledge that we will not forget his rightful path”.

Preceding the 37th anniversary of Islamic Revolution's Victory Day;

President, cabinet recite their pledge on lofty ideals of the Late Imam, martyrs

President, accompanied with the members of the cabinet, visited the tomb of Imam Khomeini (RA) and the graveyard of martyrs early on Sunday to recite their pledge on lofty ideals of the Late Imam and martyrs of the Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defence.