Sun Sep 24, 2017 22:53:28
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President appoints 4 members of Red Crescent Supreme Council

President Rouhani appointed the four members of the Supreme Council of the Iranian Red Crescent Society for a four-year term.

President marks start of school year

President Rouhani officially marked the start of 96-97 school year by ringing the bell of a school in Tehran.

President upon arrival in Tehran at Mehrabad Airport:

Trump’s baseless accusations to Iran not suitable for UN/JCPOA not negotiable/We will be decisive about JCPOA/If there’s no JCPOA, we will continue economic progress

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran returned to Tehran on Thursday evening to mark the end of a working trip and delivering a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

President leaves New York for Tehran

After attending and addressing the United Nations General Assembly, President Rouhani left New York for Tehran Wednesday evening local time.

Dr Rouhani at a press conference with international media:

Iranian nation wants broader relations with the world, stability and security in the region and progress inside the country / We are working hard to help the people and countries in the region to fight terrorism/Trump must apologise Iranian nation before anything else/Even if ISIS attacks a christian country, Iran would be ready to help

The President attended a press conference in New York and said: "The Iranian people want a broad relationship with the world, stability and security in the region and development and progress inside the country, and we know well that Iran's development is not possible without stability and peace in the region, and therefore all our efforts is to help the countries of the region and fight against terrorism".

President in a meeting with British Prime Minister:

Iran ready to deepen ties with UK in all fields/Facilitating proper banking cooperation an important step in developing economic relations/Iran ready for constructive cooperation with UK on regional issues

In a meeting with the British Prime Minister, President Rouhani emphasised that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to deepen and cement its relations with the United Kingdom in all fields, welcoming the strong support of the European Union and the United Kingdom from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

President addressing United Nations General Assembly:

Moderation the inclination, chosen path of the great Iranian people/Deadly-weapons exports not beautiful; peace is/We believe in dialogue, negotiation based on equal footing, mutual respect/Iran a "cultural continent” with a unique mix of diverse religions, ethnic groups/To promote our culture, civilisation, religion and revolution, we enter hearts and engage minds

President Rouhani called moderation as the inclination and chosen path of the great Iranian people adding: "By violating its international commitments, the new U.S. administration only destroys its own credibility and undermines international confidence in negotiating with it, or accepting its word or promise".

President in a meeting with Islamic leaders of the US:

Islam a driving force for all humanity/Military power in today's world connected to science, tech/The main way of combating terrorism is cultural actions, introducing true Islam to the youth/We should eliminate the gap between science and Islam that some try to promote

President Rouhani met with American Muslim leaders in New York on Tuesday and emphasised that Islam is the religion of mercy, democracy, intellect, science, consultation and elections, adding: “The main way of combating terrorism is cultural actions and introducing true Islam to the younger generation”.

President in a meeting with Belgian PM:

We welcome Belgian companies’ investment or joint activities in Iran/Strengthening banking relations prerequisite to the development of economic cooperation

President Rouhani met with the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel in New York and described relations between the two countries long-standing and developing, saying that Iran welcomes the presence of Belgian companies for investment or joint activities in Iran.

President in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Norway:

Post-JCPOA conditions have created great opportunities for deepening Tehran-Oslo relations/EU’s support for JCPOA promising/Combating, eradicating terrorism requires a serious global resolve

President Rouhani emphasised efforts to increase the volume of economic ties between Tehran and Oslo to the level of existing capacities, and said: "The new conditions in the post-JCPOA era have created great opportunities for developing relations between the two countries in different sectors of economy, making use of which can benefit the two nations and the region”.

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with the President of Bulgaria:

There are myriad fields for cementing Tehran-Sofia economic, commercial relations/ Bulgarian technical and engineering companies, private sectors can invest in Iran’s energy sector

President Rouhani said that the development of relations with Bulgaria, as a friend country in the Black Sea region, was very important for Iran, saying: "Businesspeople and the private sectors of the two countries should be supported and encouraged towards strengthening and consolidating mutual relations and cooperation”.