Dr Rouhani at cabinet meeting:

Global solidarity with the Lebanese a sign of awakened conscience of humanity

Re-expressing regret and sorrow over the Beirut tragedy and sympathy with the Lebanese government and people, the President expressed satisfaction with the global solidarity with the affected Lebanese people, as a sign of an awakened conscience and a living sense of altruism among the contemporary human.

President in a message on the occasion of Journalist's Day:

Respecting journalists the protection of the truth/ In these difficult days, line-up against distortion is a form of self-sacrifice for the homeland and a bright face of patriotism

The President described respect for the journalist as protecting the truth, emphasising that the boundless commitment to the truth has made journalists border guards who protect public opinion against "distortion", stressing, "In these difficult days, lining-up against distortion is a form of self-sacrifice for the homeland and a bright face of patriotism".

President felicitates Eid al-Ghadeer to grand maraji

In telephone calls with the grand maraji, the President congratulated them on Eid al-Ghadeer and wished them good health and days full of blessings and success.

Dr Rouhani at the meeting of the specialised committees of coronavirus task force:

By observing health protocols, people should prevent emergence of a new wave/ Guarantees for implementation of health protocols have been formulated and announced in 3 categories

Emphasising that we should not allow the experience of neglecting the health protocols that have intensified the coronavirus epidemic to be repeated, the President said, "Therefore, it is necessary for all people to fully and strictly follow all health instructions, so that in addition to accelerating the passage of the disease, we can prevent the emergence of a new wave".

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the Lebanese President:

Certainly, the great Lebanese nation will pass this difficult juncture with pride, patience, solidarity

The President stated confidence that the great and resilient Lebanese nation, will pass the difficult explosion in the port of Beirut with patience and solidarity, dignity and pride, as always, and the Iranian government is ready to meet any relief, medical and food needs required by the Lebanese government.

President at the opening ceremony of three national projects of the Ministry of Oil:

Inauguration of 3 key national projects worth about $1.6 billion a valuable step in country's development/ We want to distance ourselves from crude oil exports, export it after it becomes a valuable product/ A big leap in the petrochemical industry; The value of productions in the third leap reaches $37 billion

The President called the inauguration of three important national and infrastructure projects in the field of oil and petrochemicals worth about $1.6 billion a valuable step in the development of the country and stressed that the process of inaugurating major national, development, production and infrastructure projects in the country will continue rapidly despite the harsh conditions imposed by the enemies.

Following "Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production" campaign;

3 major national projects of Ministry of Oil start operation at Dr Rouhani's order

In the seventeenth week of the inauguration of important national development, production and infrastructure projects, under the slogan "Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production", the President ordered the start of three major projects of the Ministry of Oil with an investment of $1.57 billion via video conference.

The President at the cabinet meeting:

As long as there is elections, IR Iran to remain with the same power/ Instead of slaughtering the facts under the dagger of distortion, let's help each other to reach the desired point

The President stated that all three branches, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, are working together to solve the country's problems, adding, "We can break the enemies' sanctions as long as we break the distortion of facts first".

Dr Rouhani in a message expressing condolences and sympathy for the tragic explosion in Beirut port:

Iran ready to send medical, drug aid for treatment of the wounded/ We hope that the dimensions of this incident are determined as soon as possible, peace returns to Beirut

In a message to his Lebanese counterpart, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran expressed his sorrow over the tragic explosion in the port city of Beirut and the death and injury of a group of Lebanese citizens, and stressed that Tehran is ready to send medical and drug assistance for treating the injured and other medical assistance.

President at the meeting of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council of the three branches:

A joint task force of the three branches to be formed under the responsibility of 1st VP to remove barriers, surge in production

The Supreme Economic Coordination Council of the heads of the three branches was held on Tuesday in the presence of the president, the head of the judiciary, the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and members of the government's economic staff, representatives of the judiciary and the legislature.

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board:

Inducing gov’t inefficiency, distorting country’s achievements the enemies’ main axis in psychological war/ Coordination, cooperation between all officials to effectively confront psychological warfare operations, sanctions

Emphasising the need for cohesion, coordination and cooperation between all officials and bodies of the system to effectively counter psychological warfare operations, sanctions and distortion of enemies, the President said, "The great Iranian nation has always supported the officials of the system and the country. The country’s great achievements and progress are indebted to people’s support and national vigilance, stability and endurance against the conspiracies and pressure of the enemies”.

The President at cabinet meeting:

Gov’t welcomes Supreme Leader’s guidelines, forms a special task force to remove production barriers/ Thanking vigilance, planning, courage and bravery of the Anonymous Soldiers of Imam Zaman (AS)

At the Sunday evening meeting of the Cabinet, the President appreciated the statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution on the day of Eid al-Adha, and said, "The government welcomes the guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and will form a special task force to remove barriers on the path of production”.

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the government's economic coordination board:

Moving on the path of prosperity, economic surge must be based on facts/ Enemies’ main goal by imposing economic war to create haste, disorder in country’s management

Explaining the country's economic opportunities and challenges, the President said, "Undoubtedly, moving in the direction of the country's economic prosperity and leap should be based on the realities of this field and we must not be caught in unrealistic analyses based on pessimism."

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the President of Afghanistan:

Iran determined to cement ties with Afghanistan/ We hope that intra-Afghan talks pivoting around Afghan gov't, with the presence of all political groups lead to peace/ Iran has always stood by the Afghan people, govt

The President described peace in Afghanistan as peace and stability for the entire region, saying, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by the people and government of Afghanistan for peace and stability, and the role of the Afghan government in international efforts with the aim of achieving peace is important for Iran".