The President at cabinet meeting:

Gov’t welcomes Supreme Leader’s guidelines, forms a special task force to remove production barriers/ Thanking vigilance, planning, courage and bravery of the Anonymous Soldiers of Imam Zaman (AS)

At the Sunday evening meeting of the Cabinet, the President appreciated the statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution on the day of Eid al-Adha, and said, "The government welcomes the guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and will form a special task force to remove barriers on the path of production”.

Dr Rouhani in the meeting of the government's economic coordination board:

Moving on the path of prosperity, economic surge must be based on facts/ Enemies’ main goal by imposing economic war to create haste, disorder in country’s management

Explaining the country's economic opportunities and challenges, the President said, "Undoubtedly, moving in the direction of the country's economic prosperity and leap should be based on the realities of this field and we must not be caught in unrealistic analyses based on pessimism."

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the President of Afghanistan:

Iran determined to cement ties with Afghanistan/ We hope that intra-Afghan talks pivoting around Afghan gov't, with the presence of all political groups lead to peace/ Iran has always stood by the Afghan people, govt

The President described peace in Afghanistan as peace and stability for the entire region, saying, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always stood by the people and government of Afghanistan for peace and stability, and the role of the Afghan government in international efforts with the aim of achieving peace is important for Iran".

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with Iraqi PM:

Deep Iran-Iraq bonds back implementation of agreements/ Iran-Iraq railway link the beginning of a new momentum in cementing bilateral ties

The President described the deep bonds between the two nations of Iran and Iraq as supporting the implementation of the agreements between the two countries in various fields and said, "With the will, determination and serious efforts seen in the senior officials of Tehran and Baghdad, the two sides will be able to solve all the problems and difficulties facing the development of bilateral relations”.

Dr Rouhani felicitates Switzerland on National Day

In a message congratulating the Swiss National Day, the President emphasised, "I believe that by taking advantage of the various capacities of cooperation within the framework of the roadmap for relations, friendly and historical relations between the two countries will develop even more."

President at the meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

I thank Supreme Leader’s wise statements/ Coronavirus Task Force’s health protocols for Muharram days to be announced by next week/ Health ministry should prioritize recruitment of those worked in the field of coronavirus/ Glorious Muharram mourning should be held in accordance with health protocols

Emphasising that the country's strategy against coronavirus has not changed, the president said, "All the regulations passed by the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus will remain in force until the Ministry of Health announces to the people that an acceptable vaccine is available and the situation has changed”.

President speaking with the Governor of the Central Bank:

Diverse methods of financing commodities have been effective in neutralising sanctions/ Central Bank should make proposals for non-inflationary financial support of ongoing projects

The president described the central bank's diverse methods of providing foreign exchange for essential commodities as effective in counteracting illegal US sanctions, and called for them to continue.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the President of Azerbaijan:

We should work to develop relations, accelerate implementation of projects/ Iran ready to transfer experiences, deepen ties with the Republic of Azerbaijan in fighting coronavirus

Stating that fortunately with the efforts of the officials of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, we are witnessing good, friendly and developing relations between the two countries in recent years, Dr Rouhani stressed the need for efforts to develop and strengthen Tehran-Baku relations.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the President of Turkey:

The Islamic Republic of Iran determined to deepen friendly, brotherly ties with Turkey/ Cooperation among all regional states brings peace, stability

Referring to the good relations between Iran and Turkey in various fields, especially in the field of economic and trade cooperation, the President said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to develop friendly and brotherly relations and cooperation with Turkey in all fields".

Dr Rouhani in a phone call with his Iraqi counterpart:

Eid al-Adha manifestation of unity among Muslims all over world/ Emphasis on further development of Tehran-Baghdad ties

Referring to the friendly and historical relations between Iran and Iraq, the President stressed the need to further develop relations and cooperation between the two countries and accelerate the implementation of the agreements.

Dr Rouhani in a message congratulating leaders of Islamic countries on Eid al-Adha:

I call on leaders of Islamic countries to bring about growing unity, solidity to World of Islam

In separate messages to the leaders of Islamic countries, the President congratulated the arrival of Eid al-Adha and expressed hope that the leaders of Islamic countries can bring about growing unity and solidarity to the World of Islam with common will and efforts and take appropriate measures to control and overcome COVID-19, which is affecting humanity today.

Dr Rouhani in a phone call of the Emir of Qatar:

Iran considers no obstacles or restrictions on deepening ties with Qatar as a friendly and brotherly nation/ Regional security, stability only possible within the framework of regional cooperation

The President described the relations between Iran and Qatar friendly and brotherly and stressed the need to work towards the development and strengthening of all-inclusive relations and cooperation between Tehran and Doha.

President at the meeting of the chairmen of the committees of coronavirus task force:

Protecting people's health, lives top priority for National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus/ Health protocols for holding Muharram mourning ceremonies must be observed by people as part of rituals/ One week suspension of Tehran limited traffic zone

The President described the protection of people's health and lives as the first priority of all discussions, instructions and resolutions of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and emphasised that in the instructions for holding the entrance exam and mourning ceremony of  Imam Hussein (AS), protecting the health and lives of people is the first priority and has received special attention.

Dr Rouhani at inauguration ceremony of national projects of the Ministry of Industry in 3 provinces:

Industry, mines sectors together play a very valuable role in non-oil exports, boosting production/ To solve people's problems we must all work together/ Opening of several major national projects every Thursday shows the country's progress towards production

The President emphasised that the Iranian nation, just as it has stood against the global pandemic of coronavirus and will achieve success by relying on its selfless medical staff, will also stand against the economic hardships imposed on them by the enemies by imposing sanctions.

Following "Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production" campaign;

5 major national industrial projects start operation at Dr Rouhani's order

In the 16th week of the inauguration of important national development, production and infrastructure projects with the slogan of "Prudence and Hope for Surge in Production", the President ordered the start of five major projects of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade with an investment of over 56 trillion rials via video conference.