President in a phone call with his Azerbaijani counterpart:

Tehran-Baku ties friendly, brotherly, developing/ The two presidents stress acceleration of agreements

President described relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan friendly, brotherly and developing, stressing the efforts of the two countries' authorities for further development of relations.

President felicitates heads of Islamic states on Eid al-Adha

President Hassan Rouhani sent separate messages to heads of Islamic states to offer them congratulations on Eid al-Adha.

In a phone call;

Iranian, Turkish presidents stress deepening comprehensive ties

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey emphasised development of Tehran-Ankara relations in all fields of mutual interest.

President in a phone call with the Qatari Emir:

Tehran-Doha ties amicable, brotherly, developing/ Some extraregional countries’ activities in Persian Gulf make problems complicated/ Iran cares a lot about regional security

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran described Tehran-Doha relations friendly, brotherly and developing, emphasising that relations between the two countries should deepen politically, economically and culturally.

In a cabinet session chaired by President Rouhani;

Smart ID cards issuance to be organised/ Commercial affairs responsibility to be managed by Industry Ministry

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday morning in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani and discussed some internal issues.

President in a phone call with Pakistani PM:

Iran to spare no effort for regional peace, security/ India, Pakistan should exercise restraint, stop killings in Kashmir/ Iran, Pakistan always been friends, brothers

President stated that the security of the region, especially in the Indian subcontinent, is very important for Iran, stressing, “the Islamic Republic of Iran will spare no efforts for maintenance of peace and security in the region and protect the rights of Muslim nations”.

President at the session of Supreme Council of Economic Coordination:

Defending people’s lives, addressing problems must be top priority

President emphasised that people’s problems must be addressed through proper decision-making, adding, “Defending people’s lives and addressing their problems must be the top priority”.

President on speaking to journalists on Journalist’s Day:

Journalists vanguards of information in country/ Gov’t backs journalists, correct information process/ Journalists should tell gov’t if there’s flaws

President joined journalists on Journalist’s Day after cabinet session, and congratulated the day to all journalists, saying, “Journalists are the vanguards of information in the country”.

President expresses condolences over Ayatollah Muhammad Asif Mohseni’s passing

President expressed condolences over the passing of Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Muhammad Asif Mohseni, Leader of the Shi'ite Religious Council of Afghanistan, to the Afghan nation and his family.

President in a message on Journalist’s Day:

We’ve sought freedom of press, stressing removal of unprofessional supervision/ Gov’t favours ease of access to social media for citizens

President sent a message to congratulate Journalist’s Day, and stressed that the government has done its best it could to guarantee freedom of press, stipulating, “Providing a good atmosphere for the media and the press, including the guarantee of freedom of expression and stabilising economic conditions, which lead to financial stability of press institutions, are the main issues that the government is following”.

President in a phone call with his French counterpart:

Oil, banking cooperation Iran’s key economic rights under JCPOA/ Tehran, Paris agree to keep on negotiations, diplomatic contact/ Both sides stress regional security, freedom of navigation

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of France stressed the continuation of bilateral negotiations and seeking ways to de-escalate regional tensions and working towards securing Iranian nation’s rights under the JCPOA.

President in a meeting with Foreign Minister, deputies, senior managers:

Foreign policy closely tied to national integrity/ FM entire Iranian nation’s representative, not a single faction’s/ Only an integrated nation capable of independence, resistance/ Extensive interaction with world recommended by Supreme Leader, entire system’s decision

Stating that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a specialised organ and its workers are the trusted by the entire system in foreign policy, President said, “Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the trustee of the country and protector of the nation’s rights”.

 In a cabinet session chaired by President Rouhani;

Customs agreement with ECO members to be signed/ Iran-Ukraine air transport agreement amendment protocol authorised/ Iran-Switzerland road transport bill approved

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday evening in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani and discussed a range of domestic and international issues.

President appoints privatisation policies’ economic expert

President Rouhani appointed Dr Abbas Arab Mazar as the “Economic Expert of the Supreme Council for the Implementation of General Policies of Article 44 of the Constitution”.