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Friday 31 July 2015 - 19:49
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President at the cabinet session:

The Vienna Agreement, the best opportunity to strengthen production

"The implementation of the Vienna nuclear agreement is the best opportunity for the development of domestic production and the revival of global markets," said President Hassan Rouhani.

At the press conference in Kurdistan:

President calls for strengthening the Kurdish language, literature and culture

President Hassan Rouhani calls for strengthening the Kurdish language, literature and culture.

President in Kurdistan provincial administrative council:

Expanding cultural atmosphere, moderation and spirituality, is the best weapon against conspiracies

President Hassan Rouhani underlined that the Iranian nation is in favor of moderation, brotherhood, stability, security and peace.

President in a meeting with businessmen and investors in Kurdistan Province:

After the nuclear agreement, Iran is ready to win-win interaction with the global economy

President Rouhani stressing that the government policy of the post-deal is raising capital, technology and production boom and exports enhancement, said that in the economic arena Iran seek an agreement and win-win interaction with big companies, governments and entrepreneurs.

Dr.Rouhani in a meeting with ulemma, veterans and the elite in Kurdistan province:

Iran's military strategy is defensive and not offensive / Iran seeks the intimacy and brotherhood in the region

President Rouhani stressed that the creation of employment opportunities for young generation is the most important priorities of the country and said: “In new atmosphere after agreement, we should pass the process of economic prosperity and sustainable development in our country with more unity and cooperation.

Dr.Rouhani in a large crowd of Kurdistan Province:

People resistance incline arrogant people to give up

President Hassan Rouhani in a large crowd of Kurdistan province on Sunday stressing that people resistances incline arrogant people to give up said that the powers should know that respect, reverence, humility against the great nation of Iran is the only way for them.

At the 20th leg of his provincial tours:

President arrives in Kurdistan province

President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province on Sunday starting his one-day visit.