Sun May 1, 2016 23:49:25
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President congratulates national archery team’s championship

President Rouhani sent a message to congratulate the championship of the national team of archery at 2016 Shanghai Archery World Cup.

President visits TVTO experts' exhibition

President Rouhani visited the exhibition of Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization’s skills experts and MAPNA Group achievements.

President in the session of Council for Social Affairs:

To control, cut social harms national division of labour a must/Plan on National Division of Labour drafted

President Rouhani chaired the session of the Council for Social Affairs and called for avoiding parallel activities to decrease social harms and added: “To control and cut social harms, national division of labour, accurate determination of priorities and tapping capacities of NGOs are necessary”.

President in a meeting with Belgian Senate President:

Iran ready to cement ties with EU, Belgium/JCPOA to be robust only through strict implementation of commitments/Terrorists shouldn’t be divided into good and bad

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop its ties with the European Union member countries including Belgium in mutual, regional and international fields, said President Rouhani in a meeting with President of the Belgian Senate Christine Defraigne.

President in Islamic Councils conference:

Islamic Councils powerful arms of the system, government/People want us to solve problems, rather than political disputes/Authorities should apologise for mistakes/Stressing people’s attendance in the election

President Rouhani described the urban and rural Islamic Councils as the powerful arms of the system and the government and said: “Democracy is one of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s great honours

President in a regular cabinet session:

Distributing Iran’s impounded assets patent theft, big scandal/Americans should know Iranian nation’s rights not plunderable/We spare no effort defending Iranian nation’s rights

President Rouhani described distribution of Iran’s impounded assets as “patent theft and a big legal scandal” for the United States and said that the move means continuation of hostility towards Iran.

President felicitates Togo on Independence Day

President Rouhani sent a message to President of Togo on Wednesday in order to congratulate him on the anniversary of Independence Day of the country.

In the session of Supreme Council of Employment;

President stresses need for intersectoral coordination in creating sustainable employment

President Rouhani chaired a meeting of Supreme Council of Employment on Tuesday and stressed the need to regulate policies and promote intersectoral coordination in order to create productive and sustainable employment.

President in a meeting with Uruguayan VP:

Developing, deepening ties with Latin America a top policy for Tehran/New chapter in Iran-Uruguay ties to be established based on both nations’ interests

Cementing and deepening ties with Latin American countries is a basic policy for the Islamic Republic of Iran, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Vice-President of Uruguay Raúl Fernando Sendic Rodríguez.

President in a meeting with Macedonian FM:

No obstacles for Tehran- Skopje ties/Iranian companies, private sector poised to launch projects in Macedonia

The facilities and capabilities of the two countries for developing and cementing ties are extensive and there are no obstacles in the way of developing Tehran-Skopje ties, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia Nikola Poposki.

President in int’l conference on environment, religion and culture:

Protecting environment a human, social, religious, cultural duty/Environment can bring unity among religions/To protect environment there is no way other than moderation/ Confronting nature results in failure

“The environment can be a unifying factor among the followers of all religions and to protect the environment, we have no way other than moderation and refraining from violence and egoism in dealing with the environment,” said President Rouhani while delivering a speech in the 2nd International Conference on ‘Environment, Religion and Culture.

President in a regular cabinet session:

Imam Ali’s (AS) individual, governmental life unique model for all/Only law can create limitations

“Imam Ali’s (AS) individual and governmental life is a unique model for all,” said President Rouhani in a regular cabinet session.

President in a telephone conversation with Iraqi PM:

Combating terrorism a duty for all responsible gov’ts in the region, world/Iran to stand by Iraqi gov’t, nation in fighting ISIS/Some countries strengthen terrorism despite pretence of fighting it

President Rouhani had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Iraq and described fighting terrorism and terrorist groups such as ISIS as a very important duty of all responsible governments in the region and the world and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran stands by the Iraqi government and nation and will spare no effort in this regard”.