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Sunday 19 April 2015 - 12:22
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President in a meeting with Foreign Minister of Australia:

Fighting against root-cause of terrorism should be a priority/ Iran seeks political solution to Yemen crisis

President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday, underling the necessity of fighting terrorism in the region, stressed more efforts to fight against intellectual and economic roots and cuases of terrorism .

President in glorification ceremony of the National Army Day:

Iran’s military parades is symbol of national power / Iran’s military doctrine is purely defensive

President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday highlighted that the country’s military forces followed peace, security, legitimate power, defending national rights and interests, as well as aiding the suppressed innocents in the region and throughout the world.

In presence of president Rouhani armed forces mark Army Day

Different units of Iranian armed forces staged parades in front of President Hassan Rouhani on the occasion of the National Army Day on Saturday.

President in a press conference in Gilan Province:

People presence demonstrates their determination to support his servants in Government

President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday appreciated the enthusiastic participation of the people at the welcoming ceremony of the government‘s Caravan in Gilan said: "People's attendance shows their determination to support their servants in government."


Free trade and industrial zones should be turned into big economic hubs

President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday said 'Free trade and industrial zones should be turned into big economic hubs.'

President in a gathering of scholars, veterans and Elects in Gilan Province:

Iranian top diplomats as wartime stand against world powers

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday hailed the performance of Iranian negotiators in nuclear talks with the six world powers – known as the P5+1.

President in gathering of people in Gilan Province:

The negotiating side in the nuclear talks is the P5+1 group, not the US Senate and Congress

President Hassan Rouhani says there will be no deal on Iran’s nuclear program unless unfair sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic are lifted.

President arrives in Rasht

President Hassan Rouhani arrived in the city of Rasht, Gilan province Wednesday morning starting his two-day visit.