Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:40:22
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President in a meeting with clerics, veterans, and elites of Mazandaran province:

It is necessary to attract investments and the private sector for improvement of tourism.

President Rouhani referred to the huge potentialities and capacities available in Mazandaran and emphasized on the importance of planning for the protection of the investments and attracting further investments and new technologies to improve and expand the productivity in the province.

President amongst the big crowd of Mazandaran people:

I will not be pleased with people’s required goods be imported at a high cost due to sanctions

President Rouhani told the crowd of Mazandaran people that the government will provide a package by the end of the week, in which there will be a major momentum in the country’s economy during the next six months.

Mazandaran population welcome the President

The people of Mazandaran province welcomed President Rouhani and his accompanying delegation on the streets of Sari.

Upon his arrival at Sari;

President stresses government’s attempt to create jobs in Mazandaran

President Hassan Rouhani upon his arrival at Sari airport underscored the government’s attempt to development and create jobs for Mazandaran province’s young population.

In his regular provincial trip;

President arrives in Mazandaran province

President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Mazandaran province early on Monday as his 23rd provincial trip.

Cabinet convene, chaired by President Rouhani

The cabinet convened late on Sunday, chaired by President Rouhani in a regular meeting to continue reviewing the draft plan of regulating some of the country’s development plans.

In a message of condolences;

Rouhani condoles his Turkish counterpart on the tragic terrorist explosion in Ankara

President Hassan Rouhani in a message on Sunday to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his condolences over the tragic terrorist bomb explosion in Ankara, which left many respected Turkish citizens killed and injured and created a great sorrow for the state and nation.

In a meeting with the Polish Senate Speaker;

President: Iran-Europe ties developing/Terrorist groups a consequence of foreign intervention, occupation

President Hassan Rouhani met with the Speaker of Polish Senate on Saturday, saying: “Iran and Poland can define mutual interests, review new capacities for cooperation, and use them to the benefit of the two countries”.

In the International Forum of Industry and Trade;

President Rouhani: The path of Iran is sustainable growth, job-creation, and development

Dr Rouhani, among other things, described the path of the government as being towards strengthening the private sector and providing a healthy competition I the economy and said: “The future path of the Islamic Iran is the path of economic growth, non-oil export, attracting domestic and foreign capital, and creating jobs for the educated”.

President condoles martyrdom of Iranian brigadier general Hossein Hamedani

Hassan Rouhani exressed his condolences on Friday over martyrdom of Brigadier General Hossein Hamedani.

In the regular cabinet meeting chaired by the President;

The cabinet approves articles of draft development plans

In a regular cabinet meeting chaired by President Rouhani on Wednesday, the cabinet ratified a number of regulations for the draft of development plans.

In the Forum of Forerunners of Traffic Culture:

President: Well observation of traffic regulations can lead to a good conduct of socio-political regulations

Reiterating, "Wherever and whenever young people have come on the scene, we could manage to win", Dr. Rouhani said: Traffic regulations can lead to a good conduct for socio-political regulations.

In a special meeting;

Cabinet thanked parliament for its vote of confidence to Dr Akhoundi

The members of the cabinet convened on Tuesday to continued preparing the draft bill of a number of regulations relating to the country’s development plans.

In the meeting of Cultural Revolution Supreme Council:

President stressed on the Mina incident follow-up

President Hassan Rouhani, chairing a meeting of Cultural Revolution Supreme Council here on Tuesday afternoon underlined the need to follow up the Mina tragic incident.

In the first session of the supreme council for promotion of culture of sacrifice and martyrdom;

President calls for the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom being institutionalized

President Rouhani on Tuesday chaired the first session of the supreme council for promotion of culture of sacrifice and martyrdom and called for the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom being institutionalized.