Iran and Pakistan stress in a joint statement:

The two countries’ border should be border of peace, friendship/ Stressing fast implementation of JCPOA by all states/ Tasking related institutions, ministries with using all potentials for maximum increase of trade activities

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan issued a joint statement and stressed that the border between the two countries should be border of peace and friendship.

President at the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Pakistan:

We won’t let others interfere in cementing brotherly Tehran-Islamabad ties/ Independent regional states must stand together like Iran, Pakistan/ Iran-Pakistan borders must help trade, stability, development

Stating that a new chapter in Tehran-Islamabad ties has started, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Prime Minster of Pakistan stressed that the two countries have close views in development of relations in all fields, especially in fighting terrorism and creating security and stability in the region.

President in a joint press conference with Pakistani PM:

New step taken in Iran-Pakistan ties/ Tehran, Islamabad determined to deepen ties without a third country’s impact/ Iran, Pakistan to form joint rapid reaction force

Speaking in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, President Hassan Rouhani stressed that a new step has been taken for deepening relations between the two countries.

In the presence of Iranian President and Pakistani PM;

Tehran, Islamabad ink pact in health

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan signed a MoU in health and medical fields in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

At Sa'dabad Cultural-Historical Complex;

Dr Rouhani officially welcomes Pakistani PM

President Hassan Rouhani officially welcomed the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Monday at Sa'dabad Cultural-Historical Complex.

President felicitates MG Hossein Salami on his appointment as IRGC CINC/ Thanking MG Jafari for services

President Rouhani sent a message of congratulations to Major General Hossein Salami over his appointment as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC).

President at the coordination meeting of Disaster Management Taskforce of Khuzestan:

People’s ruined furniture must be supplied by production sector/ Flood losses colossal, but benefits more/ Anybody sowing despair acting against divine religion

President described housing those who have lost their houses during the floods as a top priority for the government added, “The reconstruction process must be accelerated to save people from the problems they have”.

President visits emergency settlement camp in Khuzestan Province

President visited an emergency settlement camp in Khuzestan Province set up in Ahvaz’ Takhti Stadium.

President visits flood-hit areas in Ahvaz

President Rouhani visited flood-stricken areas in Ahvaz City and the path of Karkheh, Karoon, and Dez rivers.

To visit flood-hit areas in Khuzestan Province;

President arrives in Ahvaz

President arrived in Ahvaz City in order to visit flood-hit areas in the southwestern province of Khuzestan.

President speaking to the people of Shoureh Village:

I assure people in flood-hit areas that gov’t stands by them/ Credit determined for supplying furniture

President Rouhani said that the government is determined to compensate the repair the damages in the flood-stricken areas.

President speaking to the people of Chammehr Village:

We’ll build a more beautiful, powerful, better Chammehr/ Repairing damages to Pol Dokhtar, its villages a top priority

Speaking to the people of Chammehr Village, Dr Rouhani said, “We will rebuild this village and build a more beautiful, more powerful and better Chammehr”.

President speaking to people of Pol Dokhtar:

Reconstruction of Pol Dokhtar, Ma’moulan, other flood-hit villages on gov’t agenda

Speaking to the people of Pol Dokhtar, President stressed that the hearts of the entire Iranian nation are with them, adding, “Reconstruction of Pol Dokhtar, Ma’moulan, and other flood-hit villages is on the government’s agenda”.

President visits flood-hit Shoureh Village

President visited the flood-stricken village of Shoureh, Ilam Province on Saturday.

Continuing his visit to Lorestan Province;

President visits Chammehr Village/ Gov’t alongside flood-hit people until all damages repaired

President Rouhani visited the flood-hit village of Chammehr in the western province of Lorestan in another part of his visit to the province.