President condoles Ayatollah Momen’s passing

President Rouhani expressed condolences over the passing of Atyatollah Mohammad Momen.

President appoints Dr Zafarghandi as medical council president

President Rouhani appointed Dr Mohammadreza Zafarghandi as the “President of the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

President appoints Dr Hatami “Head of Psychology and Counselling Council”

President Rouhani appointed Dr Mohammad Hatami as “Head of Psychology and Counselling Council” for a four-year period.

President in cabinet session:

Opening 3 key projects in Hormozgan a symbol of Iranian nation’s capabilities, progress/ Self-sufficiency in petrol production during sanctions indicates our capabilities/ Iranian nation’s resolve to win against US’ plots/ US’ threatening banks, companies for cooperating with Iran a 100% terrorist act

President referred to the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran and continued victories against the conspiracies and bullying of the United States, adding, “We must all feel responsible for implementing Supreme Leader’s statement on the second step of the Revolution”.

President in a press conference at the end of Hormozgan Province visit:

Great projects opened for boosting Hormozgan development/6tn rls credit allocated for new projects/Hormozgan economic, developmental potentials exceptional

Speaking in a press conference on Monday at the end of his visit to Hormozgan Province, President Hassan Rouhani said, “I am truly happy that in this visit, a number of important projects were opened”.

President visits poor neighbourhood of Chahestanis in Bandar Abbas

President Rouhani visited the poor neighbourhood of Chahestanis in Bandar Abbas City in the second day of his two-day visit to Hormozgan Province.

In President’s presence;

Phase 3 of Setareh Khalije Fars Gas Condensates Refinery opens

President Hassan Rouhani opened Phase 3 of Setareh Khalije Fars Gas Condensates Refinery on Monday on the second day of his visit to Hormozgan Province.

President at the meeting of Administrative Council of Hormozgan Province:

We'll overcome problems with hope in future, unity, hard work/Nation found right path, to stay on it/All authorities at work round the clock to alleviate problems

President stressed that we are at economic war, adding, "We must all understand the current conditions of the country. We are at economic war with our enemies, but we will definitely overcome all provlems with hope in future, unity and hard work".

At President’s order through videoconferencing;

28 infrastructural, economic projects open in Hormozgan Province

Twenty-eight infrastructural and economic projects opened or started operation in Hormozgan Province worth 44 billion rials of credit, generating direct and indirect jobs for 19,000 people.

President’s Sirjan visit deferred

The visit of President Hassan Rouhani to Sirjan City, which was aimed at opening a number of projects, was postponed to another time.

President at the inauguration ceremony of Fateh-class submarine:

Iran’s power never a threat to others/ Never driven by greed towards others, but stood against aggressors/ Building frigates, submarines sign of the Navy capabilities

President said that the defensive power of the Islamic Republic of Iran is for defending the country’s interests, adding, “We have never intended to invade a land or a country, and this whole 40 years proves that we have defended ourselves well”.

At President's order;

Domestic Fateh-class submarine inaugurated

The new domestically-built semi-heavy submarine “Fateh” was inaugurated on Sunday at President Rouhani’s order on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

President addressing people in Bandar Lengeh:

Bandar Lengeh development on agenda/ Our people to avenge border guards’ martyrdom/ Iran seeks brotherly, close ties with regional states; some neighbours chose wrong path

President stated that the dear, powerful Iran has always contributed to security in the region, adding, “Muslims need to be united and ensure the security of the region through building brotherly, friendly relations”.

To mark the beginning of his visit to Hormozgan Province;

President arrives in Bandar Lengeh

In pursuit of the provincial tours of the government, president entered in Bandar Lengeh on Sunday to mark the beginning of his visit to the southern province of Hormozgan.