History proved Iranophobia is an illusion, not true/Iran sanctuary for entire region in hardest times/JCPOA the best model for settling int’l disagreements/Peace in region, world depends on unity amongst nations, dialogue, ruling out extremism, violence

President Rouhani described the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as the best model for settling international disagreements and said: “Peace in the region and the world depends on unity amongst nations, dialogue and ruling out extremism and violence”.

Thu 09 - February 2017 - 19:46

Speaking at a ceremony held for meeting with ambassadors and heads of other countries’ diplomatic representations to Tehran, President Rouhani said on Thursday: “The biggest revolution in the region resulted in the Islamic Republic of Iran with people’s resistance without relying on foreign powers”.

He continued: “The first problem that threatened the Islamic Republic was terrorism,” adding: “U.S’ military intervention in Tabas, the coup and the imposed war failed because of the state’s reliance on people”.

“History proved that Iranophobia is an illusion and not true. Iran was a sanctuary for the entire region in its hardest times,” added Dr Rouhani.

He also said: “Iran was the first country warning the threats of Saddam and Taliban to the region”.

Stating that to fight terrorism, its underlying ideas must be eradicated, Rouhani continued saying: “Peace in the region and the world depends on unity amongst nations, dialogue and ruling out extremism and violence”.

“In nuclear negotiations, we proved with our win-win approach that problems are solvable through dialogue,” he went on to say.

He further continued: “JCPOA is the best model for resolving international disagreements. To eliminate nuclear weapons from the whole world, we need to join hands”.

If terrorists obtain weapons of mass destruction, it will be the biggest threat for the entire world, said the President, adding: “We will support nations that are under the threat of terrorism”.

He continued: “We are cerebrating the victory of the Islamic Revolution in a time when the unjust sanctions have been lifted and the best opportunities have been created for developing relations”.

Iran proved that it never intends to interfere in other countries’ affairs, added the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. “The structure of Iran’s military power is defensive,” he said.

He also went on to state that the era of separating nations with each other is over, adding: “Today is time to bring nations closer to each other for them to tap each other’s knowledge and culture for development and excellence”.

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