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President in a meeting with French FM:

Iran welcomes deepening ties with France in all fields/JCPOA's message to world more significant than its text; all parties should live up to their commitments/Stressing further development of banking relations

Welcoming deepening and developing Tehran-Paris ties, Dr Rouhani said that the groundwork was ready to develop ties between Iran and France in all economic, cultural, political and regional fields.

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Tue 31 - January 2017 - 22:31

At the meeting with Jean-Marc Ayrault on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added: "Developing ties with France as a friend country in Europe has always been important for Iran and interaction between the high-ranking officials of the two countries indicate that Tehran and Paris are determined to continue this process".

Referring to growing ties between the two countries in economy, President Rouhani also said: "We hope we can create a new environment for economic cooperation, including in the field of joint export and transfer of technology".

On Iran's commitment to the JCPOA, he said: "The nuclear agreement between Iran and the six countries is a very important event in the international field; of course, this agreement's message to world was more significant than its text".

"JCPOA carried the message that complicated international issues can be solved through dialogue with a win-win approach, therefore, all countries must attempt to preserve and maintain in because any harm to it can send a dangerous message to the world that diplomacy is not able to solve issues," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: "As the International Atomic Energy Agency has approved, Iran has lived up to all its commitments and all sides must attempt to implement it precisely and without any delay".

He also referred to rerrorism in the world and the region, saying: "As a victim of terrorism, Iran is in the forefront of combatting terrorism in the region and we believe that France can have an important role in fighting terrorism and protecting stability in the region".

"As we stressed in the beginning, the Syrian crisis has no military solution and should only be resolved through political ways," said the President adding that the territorial integrity of the country should be preserved.

The next step should be political reform in Syria, said Dr Rouhani adding: "This reform should be carried out by the Syrian people and Iran is ready to consult with the French government in this regard".

He then referred to the latest victories in Iraq against terrorism and said: "After full victory against terrorists, full implementation of the constitution and the Iraqi nation's resolve should be backed by all countries".

At the same meeting, the Foreign Minister of France, Jean-Marc Ayrault said that Paris was determined to develop its ties with Tehran in all fields of mutual interest.

He said: "Without a doubt, I am leaving Tehran at the time that a new chapter has begun in relations between the two countries".

"We hope Tehran's constructive role in the region continues," said Ayrault adding: "the European Union has a unified approach to the achievements of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action".

news id: 97448

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