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President after operation of Zar Grain Processing Plant:

Gov't working with all its might in Year of Resistive Economy/Zar Grain Processing Plant creates 6.5K jobs/More private sector activity to contribute to Resistive Economy

After the ceremony in which Zar Grain Processing Plant started operation, President Rouhani said: "People have responded positively to the Supreme Leader's call in the 'Year of Resistive Economy; Action and Deed' and the government is working with all its might".

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Tue 31 - January 2017 - 11:02

 At the ceremony that was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani told reporters: "In this year's 10-Day Fajr Celebration, hundreds and thousands of plans will start operation across the country".

Describing Zar plant as very important, he said: "This knowledge-based processing plat is one of the first of its kind in which corn is processed into liquid sugar which has consumers both inside and outside the country".

"The value of the products of this processing plant is as much as sugar but with 40% less cost; therefore, operation of this company is an economical, productive and knowledge-based measure that has created 6500 sustainable jobs," he continued.

Dr Rouhani added: "Knowledge-based companies and facilities can create job opportunities for our educated young people and this is very important to the government".

Stating that the plant has finished construction by the private sector, he also said: "If the private sector is given opportunity, we will witness good attempts in implementing the policies of Resistive Economy in the country".

news id: 97426

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