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President at the site of Plasco building:

We should all pay homage to the epic made by firefighters, paramedics/There's praiseworthy cooperation, coordination among all forces/We need more comprehensive plans for ramshackle, old buildings

Expressing sadness over the fire and collapse of Plasco building, President Rouhani said: "This was a lesson and a warning call for all authorities that there should be more accurate planning for making people's lives safer, which is everybody's civil rights, including cities, areas, shops, and streets and passages".

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Sat 21 - January 2017 - 09:28

During the visit that took place on Saturday, Dr Rouhani told reporters: "This horrible incident should be a lesson for our future but there was praiseworthy cooperation and coordination among all bodies".

"Our dear and dedicated firefighters, paramedics and organising teams, as well as military officials had a praiseworthy cooperation and coordination and this cooperation continues," said Dr Rouhani.

Expressing concerns about those who are still trapped under the wreckage, he said: "I hope we can rescue some of them with the ongoing efforts and coordination and those who have lost their lives for saving people will remain immortal because they rushed to save people, themselves being trapped under fire, smoke and iron".

"May God reward them and grant their respectful families patience and we should all pay homage to the epic made by firefighters and paramedics," the President also added.

He continued: "There is a lot to be done; first, the wreckage-clearing process should continue to let us rescue all of those trapped under the wreckage. We should also attempt to restore the street, which is a very critical commercial street, to normal conditions as soon as possible as we are approaching the New Year's Eve".

"Unfortunately, workers have lost their jobs in the days leading to the new year and the Social Security Organisation should act swiftly in this field," he continued.

 Stressing the need to compensate for the damages and losses, the President also said: "The Government, City Hall, City Council, insurance companies, and all officials will join hands to compensate for the damages and I thank the great people across the country for their coordination and empathy".

"What is important is that from today on, there should be more accurate planning for commercial or residential areas with similar risks to reduce the number of the incidents of the kind," Dr Rouhani continued.

He also talked about the old neighbourhoods in various cities, adding: "We need more comprehensive plans for ramshackle and old buildings".

news id: 97330

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