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President in a meeting with Albanian FM:

Iran welcomes deepening ties with Albania

Referring to deep rooted cultural commonalities between the two countries, Dr Rouhani told the Foreign Minister of Albania on Sunday in Tehran that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes deepening ties with Albania.

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Sun 15 - January 2017 - 13:22

In a meeting with Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati, President Rouhani appreciated the Albanian government and nation's message of condolence over Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani's passing away and added: "Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani was a well-known figure for people in the region and the world for seeking global peace and stability and everybody's welfare".

He also referred to capabilities and potentials of the two countries, adding: "The post-JCPOA era is a good opportunity for developing and deepening ties between Tehran and Tirana in all fields, especially economic and trade fields which should be tapped by the private sectors of both countries".

Cultural, academic and scientific relations should be further developed, said Rouhani. He added: "Cementing Iran-Albania ties in all fields is beneficial to both countries".

On terrorism, Dr Rouhani said: "Terrorism is a global problem and one of our great responsibilities is to combat violence, especially terrorism".

Iran has always favoured peace and stability in the Balkans, added the President, saying: "Tehran is ready to cooperate with different countries, especially Albania, in combatting terrorism".

Expressing his country's government and nations' condolences on Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani's demise, the Foreign Minister of Albania, Ditmir Bushati said: "Tirana is determined to open a new chapter in the history of relations with Iran".

"JCPOA has opened new horizons in Iran's cooperation with the world, including Albania," he continued.

On combatting violence, extremism and terrorism, he added: "We should act unitedly in this field and we are ready to increase negotiations with Iran in combatting terrorism".

news id: 97269

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