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President at an Iftar ceremony with professors and doctors:

University, students shouldn't be viewed through security glasses/Let's trust universities/University-gov't bonds should be strengthened

We should trust universities, professors and students, said President Rouhani, adding: "The government has done its utmost to create a safer and freer environment in universities and will carry on this policy".

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Wed 22 - June 2016 - 08:27

"Our university professors have endured prison time for the victory of the revolution and today, universities, faculty members and students are at the forefront of excellence, serving the society and the country and they should never be viewed through security glasses," said President Rouhani at an Iftar ceremony with university professors and doctors late on Tuesday.
He added: "The Constitution is based on people's administration and their votes and that all officials should be chosen, directly and indirectly, by people; therefore, in administering the country, people's views and desires should be at the centre of our attention".
"The government has done its utmost to create a safer and freer environment in universities," added Dr Rouhani.
Mentioning that the Islamic Revolution meant independence, freedom and Islamic republic, he continued: "Revolution does not mean shouting. If we are seeking independence for the country and implementation of Resistive Economy, it will not be possible without knowledge, science and universities".
"We should trust universities," said Dr Rouhani, adding: "A government can only be successful through seeking help from universities and the bonds between university and government should be bolstered".
"Without tapping the academics' knowledge and expertise, we cannot solve the major issues of the country," continued the President.
Slamming previous efforts to cut ties between Iranian and foreign professors and technology, he said: "We cannot close the doors of the country and expect scientific and economic progress".
"Some may be very angry about the current openings and conditions in the country but we will respond to them in time and reveal the reality to the people".
He also referred to the policies of Resistive Economy and elaborated on some of the government's measures taken in this regard, such as reducing the inflation rate to a single-digit figure.
Describing Imam Hassan (AS) the Imam of peace and kindness, he said: "Imam Hassan (AS) taught us the lesson of the good of society and the Islamic society. Chanting slogans and shouting does not solve any problem and, at the same time, is very easy but what is important, is solving issues and easing heavy burdens that people are carrying".

news id: 94047

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