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President Rouhani during inauguration ceremony of the 10th Majlis:

To create jobs, eliminate poverty we need economic prosperity/Legislative branch the symbol of sovereignty of the people, public supervision, a place for linking different sectors/Gov’t determined to have good manners with other branches, Majlis

President Rouhani attended the inauguration ceremony of the 10th term of the parliament and described the legislative branch as the symbol of the sovereignty of the people, public supervision and a place for linking different sectors of the country and said: “To create jobs and eliminate poverty, we have no way other than economic prosperity”.

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Sat 28 - May 2016 - 12:01

During the ceremony that was held early on Saturday, Dr Rouhani pledged that the country “will achieve a 5-per cent economic growth in the current year” and added: “If we all join hands and consider economy and the implementation of the policies of Economy of Resistance as the first priority, we can achieve a proper growth”.

Describing investment of 30 to 50 billion dollars from foreign sources as one of the requirements of the 8-per cent economic growth stipulated in the policies of the Economy of Resistance, he said: “Through coordination between Majlis and the government, we should determine the geography of capital, markets and technology”.

Stating that “the government is determined to have good manners with other branches and the Majlis”, he said: “To solve the issues and problems of the country, we need to interact; of course, we all eventually submit to the law”.

He also said that “we should submit to the law” and added: “It is by enforcing the law that we can surmount difficulties with ease”.

Mentioning people’s “great bravery and maturity in the election”, President Rouhani also said: “Parliament determines the rules of the game for individuals and citizens in the pith of the country and the society; if the rules of the game are not clear, no matter how powerful the player is, it will not be successful in competing with the world”.

“Swelling laws will not solve any problem; we need clear laws that have clearly determined the role of the players in the society,” continued Rouhani, adding: “Today, we need to refine laws to increase their quality not their quantity”.

news id: 93739

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