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President in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart:

Cease-fire, end of conflict, starting altruistic aids beneficial to Syrian people/Cease-fire shouldn’t become an opportunity for terrorists to revitalise

President Hassan Rouhani held a telephone conversation with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and described a cease-fire, putting an end to the conflict, and starting altruistic aids are beneficial to Syrian people, stressing that the cease-fire should not become an opportunity for terrorists to revitalise and receive new financial supports and weaponry.

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Wed 24 - February 2016 - 17:04

In this telephone conversation which was held on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “In the process of cease-fire in Syria, delivering aids to displaced Syrians should be done under the central government’s supervision”.

“The freeing process of hostages and innocent people should be done quickly, the monitoring process of the cease-fire should be clarified, and Syrian borders should be closely controlled in order to prevent terrorists’ access and delivery of financial support and weaponry to them” continued Rouhani.

Explaining Iran’s stance on the political process in Syria, Dr Rouhani stressed bolstering Tehran-Moscow negotiations to help the oppressed Syrian people and said: “Without a doubt, effective Russian air strikes, Syrian army ground operations, and Syrian popular forces have forced terrorists and their supporters to the negotiating table and they understood that military action is not beneficial to anybody in Syria”.

“This agreement has ample ambiguities and deficiencies, elimination of which are essential for assuaging concerns” he said referring to the cease-fire agreement.

President Rouhani mentioned agreements reached during Russian Defence Minister’s visit to Tehran and called them as being “not enough” and added: “Combatting terrorism and extremist groups should not be affected”.

In this telephone conversation which was initiated by President Putin, the Russian President said: “Iran-Russia relations are based on constructive and mutual trust and in this framework, we need close coordination and cooperation with each other on the Syrian issue”.

He also referred to the shortcomings of the cease-fire agreement and said: “Syrian borders should be protected in order to prevent terrorists entering the country, as well as the transfer of weaponry and financial and logistic help to the terrorist groups”.

Putin underlined commitment to combat ISIS, al-Nusra Front, and other terrorist groups.

He also said that Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should not be compromised while the helping process of Syrian refugees is underway.

news id: 92168

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