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In the ceremony for the 55th anniversary of Iran Air;

President: Iranians determined to modernise, renovate their homeland/Do not make mistakes to exalt old colonial powers and undermine Iranian people/Iranians conscious, great nation

All Iranians are determined to renovate and reconstruct their homeland and build a strong, capable and proud country, President said in the ceremony for the 55th establishment anniversary of Iran Air.

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Wed 24 - February 2016 - 12:05

President Hassan Rouhani in a ceremony held on Wednesday in Tehran to mark the 55th anniversary of Iran Air said: "Iran is not a country which is solely dependent on its oil and physical resources, but relies on its science, knowledge and competent forces, so we can say all Iranians are nowadays determined to renovate and reconstruct their homeland and build a strong, capable and proud country". 

On some claims about the elections, he said: “Iranian people know the candidates well and will choose the best one, using their understanding and consciousness. Therefore, some should not speak to people in a way that it would insult people’s understanding and greatness”.

Emphasizing that government is determined to renovate and modernize the country's air fleet and also referring to some critics, he said: "The 11th government will never forget the souls, reputation, honour and hopes of the nation".

President said: “As the nation had already created “Hope” in the 2003 election, they will repeat to recreate the “hope” on Friday as well, because it is a great and wise nation.

"Iran is not only a shortcut between West and East and the best air hub between the two, but also the best mean to transfer culture and politics between the two sides of the world", he added.

Mentioning wholesomeness and ethics as two characteristics of major airlines in Iran, Dr Rouhani also said: “Strengthening the aviation industry will bring authority and honour for the country”.

“How long should we wait to see Iranians are getting humiliated by those Airlines which have emerged in the past two decades?” he asked.  

He added: “We need a fresh air fleet and therefore to do so, increasing existing seats by ½ times is in the agenda”.

“Today, the East has turned into an emerging economy and the West is yesterday’s economy; now it is Iran that will link today and yesterday’s economy with each other by establishing a secure climate and aviation industry” continued Rouhani.

news id: 92154

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