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President during the SCCR meeting:

Her Holiness Zahra’s (SA) greatness proved claims of divine religions’ disregard of women baseless/People’s lively turnout a sign of hope for better conditions

President Rouhani presided the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and referred to Her Holiness Fatima Al-Zahra’s (SA) lifestyle, saying: “Her Holiness’ greatness and her effective presence in political and social events shows that propaganda about divine religions’ view of women are baseless ad wrong”.

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Wed 24 - February 2016 - 09:21

In this session which was held late on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: “In addition to Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) daughter, there are other model women in Islam and also in the history of other divine religions which proves that the conditions are set for women to grow”.

He added: “Those who think that women’s freedom and progress is the outcome of Western culture and ideas, are wrong”.

On the importance of elections, Dr Rouhani also said: “Elections guarantee the Islamic system’s life and authority. One of the reasons why the Islamic Republic is continuing to move livelily and authoritatively despite all the issues and conspiracies, has been the firm support from people and running the country based on people’s resolves through elections”.

He also expressed hope that turnout be huge and people elect the best choice.

Dr Rouhani also stressed that competitors should consider the religious principles and observe ethics of competition.

The Council also reviewed the statute related to the faculty members of universities, as well as preparatory plan of higher education.

The conditions of cinema and Fajr Film Festival was also reviewed. The Council appointed Dr Sobhanollahi as the new Chancellor of Kharazmi University.

news id: 92149

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