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President while visiting the family of three martyrs:

Martyrs’ families’ faith, patience, sacrifice during Sacred Defence brings honour to Iranian nation

President Rouhani visited the family of Sheikh Shabani martyrs, Hassan, Hossein, and Mahdi and described their family’s faith, patience, and sacrifice during Sacred Defence era as something that brings honour to the Iranian nation.

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Wed 17 - February 2016 - 08:57

In his visit which happened late on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani saluted the families of martyrs and veterans and said: “During the hard times that the country was in need of the youth’s presence to defend the Revolution, they made Iranian nation proud by their sacrifice and dedication, led by the Late Imam (Khomeini)”.

“Faith, patience, and trust in God doubles the value of the families of martyrs and veterans” added Rouhani.

He also continued: “Today the Iranian nation voluntarily come to support the country and the Revolution and exercise sacrifice and dedication in line with the Islamic Revolution’s values”.

“Without a doubt, you did a great job and God will reward you for your patience and sacrifice” Dr Rouhani told the 3 martyrs’ father and mother.

At the end of this visit, President Rouhani gave a plaque of appreciation to the parents of Sheikh Shabani martyrs.

news id: 92047

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