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President during the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Ghana:

Iran attaches great important to development of ties with African countries/ Tehran-Accra ties development in political, economic, cultural fields necessary/ Stressing operationalisation of join committee of both countries

President Rouhani described Ghana as one of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s friends in Africa and said: “Iran attaches great important to development of ties with African countries and in the context of this fundamental policy, Tehran welcomes development of ties in all areas of common interest with Accra”.

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Sun 14 - February 2016 - 14:21

President Dr Hassan Rouhani attended the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Ghana and said: “Tehran-Accra ties development in political, economic, cultural fields is necessary”.

Dr Rouhani added: “During the 5th joint committee of the two countries’ cooperation in 2014, some documents were signed; these documents can act as a step forward to more cemented ties”.

He also expressed hope that in the post-sanctions era we witness using Iran and Ghana potentials and capacities in economic and cultural fields.

Stressing Iran’s readiness to use all its capabilities and capacities in oil, gas, petrochemicals, and technical and engineering services, Rouhani also said: “Fortunately, Iran and Ghana have close relations in cultural and political areas and we are happy that Iran’s scientific and cultural centres, as well as agricultural and health services are serving the people in Ghana”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to act on transfer of experiences and training the youths of Ghana” he said describing the Ghanaian President’s visit to Iran as a turning point in developing and cementing ties between both countries.

On terrorism and the necessity of confronting extremist ideas, he continued: “Collective, joint and coordinated measures should be taken to confront terrorist groups and their extremist ideas”.

“We believe that all issues should be finally settled through political discussion and Iran and Ghana can have close cooperation in this regard in international assemblies, such as NAM” continued Rouhani.

On Palestine, he also said: “If a resistant nation tries to reach its goal like this, it will eventually be victorious”.

In this meeting, the Ghanaian President appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s warm welcoming and said: “Tehran-Accra ties are very amicable and today we feel that we are in our own homeland”.

John Dramani Mahama also went on saying: “JCPOA bearing fruit, brought happiness for the people of Ghana and all freedom-seeking nations around the world and Iran could demonstrate its power of diplomacy in these negotiations”.

Praising Dr Rouhani for his powerful management in fighting violence and extremism, he also said: “Iran has a significant role in creating peace in the Middle East and can be effective in solving issues and crises in the region”.

“We believe that the people of Palestine should live a free and independent life in their own landing” said Mahama speaking on Palestine issues.

He also stressed more consultation between Iran and Ghana on establishing peace and stability in the north of Africa and said: “We can establish constructive interactions between the two countries on combating terrorist groups and extremism, especially after the JCPOA”.

He also expressed his country’s willingness to use Iran’s experiences and knowledge in different fields such as energy, petrochemicals, electricity, agriculture machineries and technical engineering.

The Ghanaian President also appreciated Iran for its services provided in Ghana in different fields.

news id: 92000

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