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In a press conference of Iranian and Ghanaian Presidents;

Rouhani: Tehran attaches esp. importance to ties with African countries, esp. Ghana/ All countries should help Palestinian people/ Mahama: Accra determined to implementing all agreements with Tehran

President Rouhani held a press conference with the President of Ghana and said: “Tehran attaches great importance to development of ties and cooperation with African countries, especially with Ghana and we are ready to cooperate with Accra in all areas of common interest”.

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Sun 14 - February 2016 - 13:38

In this press conference which was held on Sunday after inking 2 agreements between Tehran and Accra, President Rouhani told reporters: “There are many areas of cooperation in fields such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, construction of power plants or technical and engineering services, as well as agricultural cooperation between the two sides”.

He added: “Developing cooperation in areas such as development of cultural, scientific, social services, industry and mineral industries was also discussed”.

Referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s services operated in Ghana, Dr Rouhani said: “These services have attracted Ghanaian officials’ attention and praise and we are ready to plan for developing these activities”.

On the necessity of regional and international cooperation, President said: “During today’s meetings and negotiations, different regional issues and their solutions were discussed”.

“The Palestine issue and the concerning regional issues were also negotiated on” said Rouhani, adding: “All countries of the world and international organisation, especially the UN and The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) should try to solve it”.

Dr Rouhani also expressed hope that agreements between the two countries’ officials be operationalised and implemented as soon as possible.

In this meeting, John Dramani Mahama appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s warm welcoming and said: “I also feel honoured to be the first African leader to visit Iran since the nuclear agreement was reached”.

He also said that Iran and Ghana have been old friends and founders of NAM and added: “Iran has been a close friend of Africa and has been supportive of African liberation movement that led to the decolonisation of the African continent including the independence of South Africa from Apartheid”.

“We believe that the country of Iran has very great potential value the friendship between Africa and Iran” he added.

He continued: “We discussed crises caused by terrorism in the region, and countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Palestine and we believe that political solution can be found for these conflicts and that military option is not an option”.

“War and fighting cannot resolve these issues; indeed the cost of human lives is too high” added Mahama.

He also praised Dr Rouhani’s powerful leadership in fight against violence and extremism and said: “Iran can play a prominent role in the resolution of a lot of these conflicts”.

On Palestine, he also added: “We agree that the plight of the Palestinian people is one that should engage the attention of the world. We believe that people of Palestine must live in a state that has secure borders and live in peace”.

“The structures of the United Nations and Security Council must be reformed; a greater voice should be given to the other parts of the world to participate” he continued.

Referring to the joint commission for cooperation, he also stressed its implementation of operationalisation.

news id: 91995

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