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President during Central Bank annual assembly:

Unifying exchange rate causes market stability, prevents corruption/All financial institutions should be validated/Financial discipline best measure for harnessing inflation

“Foreign exchange rate should be unified for the market to stabilise and corruption prevented” said President during his speech at Central Bank annual assembly.

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Sat 13 - February 2016 - 11:59

In this assembly session which was held early on Saturday, Dr Rouhani said: “All financial institutions should be validated and their rating be announced to people”.

Underscoring economic growth and prosperity, he added: “The most important factor in harnessing inflation is financial and monetary discipline and one of the most important achievements of the government has been harnessing inflation and its constant decrease, by the help of the Central Bank economic team”.

“When the government curbs inflation, high interest rates are incorrect and harms the economy” said Rouhani stressing decrease of bank interest rates.

He described enemies' sanctions against Iranian banks as a targeted and pre-planned measure and said: "After the sanctions, banks should boost their activities for the sake of national interest".

Rouhani also described the nuclear negotiators’ efforts to defend the nation's right as a great honor and said: "Today, the whole nation is incredibly happy with the new situation when they see no more sanctions left".

Indicating that nowadays after the ‘JCPOA 1’ we need to manage a special kind of ‘JCPOA 2’ in our domestic policy, he called for the contribution of all walks of Iranian nation to devise and implement the new ‘JCPOA 2’ for the sake of the country’s development.

Referring to the upcoming elections which will be held on 26th of February, Dr Rouhani asked all people to turn out for the election to show their integrity to regional and world nations.

President went on emphasizing consultations with experts in all affairs and said: "As I had already promised to the people, I have made all the decisions through consultations with experts and in many cases I have done as they indicated".

"All Iranian banks should get ready for a competitive state of affairs and conditions after the JCPOA and also feel responsible for pushing the affairs forward", Rouhani stated.

President also emphasized building confidence between banks and their customers and said: "Banks should be accountable for the funds and money they receive from people and for managing the money for the development of country well".

news id: 91969

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