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Speaking to reporters during demonstrations;

President: Iranian nation’s goals, ideals the same as 11 Feb. 1979

President Rouhani spoke to reporters during the demonstrations marking the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s victory and said: “The Iranian nation are still active after 37 years, just as they were in the beginning days of the Revolution”.

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Thu 11 - February 2016 - 15:45

Considering the goals and ideals of the Islamic Republic of Iran as being the same as 11 February, 1979 he said: “We will achieve all of our ideals by people’s support, unity, and integrity”.

He added: “Today the Islamic Iran is the safest country in the region and the whole world is eying dear Iran’s activities”.

“By people’s support and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution’s guidance, we can accomplish all our goals” continued President.


news id: 91950

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