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President during the launching ceremony of 549 projects in education, research, and sport:

Everybody should attempt to fulfil “JCPOA 2”; education system at the forefront/Teachers don’t forget nurturing alongside education

President Rouhani appeared in the launching ceremony of 549 educational, research, and sport projects around the country and referred to the document of 20-year prospective development and said: “Although 10 years of this opportunity has been lost, this goal is achievable in the coming years with increased effort ad today everyone should attempt to fulfil “JCPOA 2” which is comprehensive plan of action for country’s development and progress”.

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Wed 10 - February 2016 - 12:48

In this ceremony which was held on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Today we all should join hands and use our independence and freedom to lead the country through the path of prosperity and development and, of course, fulfilling this goal will not be possible through any way other than schools and the education system”.

On the importance of education system and schools, he also said that when Late Imam (RA) wanted to come back to Iran, he chose to stay in a school and lead the movement of that time.

Addressing all officials and personnel of the education system, Dr Rouhani said: “You should prepare the ground for an immense development considering today’s conditions and JCPOA being reached”.

He also advised teachers not to forget nurturing alongside education and do not allow some students to be harassed by other students.

“Sport is not only a factor contributing to physical health, but also the best solution for protecting students from social harms” Rouhani said while speaking about the importance of sport.

Congratulating the ninth day of the 10-day Fajr celebration, he added: “The Islamic Revolution has had a lot of achievements for us, the most important of them being political independence to the point that there is no other country in the region or even the world, having this much political independence”.

On the nuclear negotiations, Dr Rouhani continued: “Iranian nation’s representatives sitting at the same table as the six world powers and stress defending its rights, is a great honour for the great Iranian nation; and the negotiators are the same people who studied at these schools”.

He also said that Iran has been the first country in the region to have a parliament and ballot boxes on people’s demand.

“The Islamic Revolution was also a pioneer among revolutions in the region and the world” he said, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran was completely independent and merely led by Late Imam, relying on presence of people from various backgrounds through the path of victory”.

Rouhani continued: “Even when I read a false article against the President and the government, I become pleased of reading them because I consider it as the result of a high level of freedom in the country”.

news id: 91899

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