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Dr Rouhani during the unveiling ceremony of 138 provincial plans;

Post-JCPOA priorities in process of drafting, approving/We don’t make a vow we can’t keep/Over 51% approved plans in provincial trips finalised/Majlis approve budget bill by the year end/Our relations with the world to be based on win-win approach

President attended the unveiling ceremony of 138 plans approved during his trips to various provinces and made a speech during which he said: “We have clearly told the political leaders around the world that we are after production and joint export”.

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Tue 09 - February 2016 - 12:07

In the ceremony which was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani referred to sustainable development through confronting corruption and said: “We are busy planning for determining the country’s priorities in post-JCPOA era”.

Saying “we will continue along late Imam’s path with Supreme Leader of the revolution’s guidance” he added: “70% of approved provincial plans’ credit has been paid and the remaining will be realised”.

He also went on saying: “We don’t make a vow we can’t keep and Over 51% approved plans in provincial trips finalised”.

“Revitalisation of Management and Planning Organisation was revitalisation of the country’s expert brain” said Rouhani.

He also referred to the budget bill handed over to the Majlis and said: “Majlis has got enough time to approve next year’s budget bill and I hope that MPs approve the bill before the end of the year”.

Mentioning the nuclear agreement and its achievements, Rouhani continued: “This is the first time in Iran’s history that we have made a deal with the world powers and our success is so great that not even one country around the world has not been and will not be able to claim it has been a bad deal for Iran”.

“An agreement can be sustainable if it is a win-win one, meaning it is reasonable, fair, and based on justice and realisation of people’s rights” said Dr Rouhani, stating that Iran’s relations with the world will be based on win-win approach.

He also referred to handing over economic affairs to the private sector and said: “Strengthening and supporting entrepreneurs in the private sector and absorbing capital and technology is government’s main goal to strengthen competitive capabilities of the country’s economy in the region and the world”.

Speaking about Iran’s capacities, Dr Rouhani also said: “During the past 10 years, the ground was not prepared for optimum use of Iran’s ample economic opportunities and capacities but today this opportunity has been created again and we should compensate for the years we lost”.

He also referred to the limitations that the economy was facing during past years, and said: “Today the time is ripe for correct planning to take advantage of the conditions to put the capacities into action”.

Emphasizing that all the said programs should be planned and implemented under the supervision of Management and Planning Organization, and describing the Organization as the core of the government's expertise system, he said: " The Organization of Management and Planning is in charge of implementing President's tasks and responsibilities in executive and administrative affairs, so it should take the  necessary actions to develop national economy to, step by step, depart from an oil-dependent and corrupted economy and plan and implement the measures accordingly".

Dr Rouhani also thanked Management and Planning Organisation for making a lot of efforts during the recent months to draft next year’s budget plan.

“We can boldly say that this year’s budget bill was submitted to the parliament without a single-day delay just as the two previous years” continued Rouhani.

news id: 91875

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