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President in a meeting with Greek PM:

Iran ready to develop ties with EU, esp. Greece/Using terrorism as a tool fruitless

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop relations with the European Union, including Greece and cementing Tehran-Athens ties benefits the two nations” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras.

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Mon 08 - February 2016 - 15:39

In this meeting which was held on Monday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: “We do not view Greece as merely an EU member; Iran and Greece are two countries which have contributed a lot to human knowledge and global scientific developments through history”.

On the capabilities and opportunities of both countries, Rouhani also said: “Bilateral ties enables us to deepen ties in all areas, especially economic, cultural, and academic fields”.

Referring to the terrorism crisis in the world, President said: “Combatting terrorism needs a serious global resolve but unfortunately despite the extensive facilities, some western countries have not still shown seriousness and some other countries are using terrorists to advance their short-term goals”.

“We should convince the countries which are supporting terrorism that using terrorists is fruitless and wrong” added Rouhani.

He also said: “All countries should unite in a universal attempt to cut off the ways by which terrorists are being financially supported and receive weaponry from”.

In this meeting, the Prime Minister of Greece also referred to his country’s determination to cement ties with Iran and said: “Greece is an EU member country, but have no doubt that it will cooperate with Iran beyond this framework”.

Prime Minister Tsipras also said: “It is necessary that we establish economic cooperation between the two countries based on firm and sustainable grounds which is beneficial to both countries”.

“Greek companies, supported by major European banks, are willing to cooperate with Iran in all areas, especially shipping, construction and services” continued Greek PM.

On the scourge of terrorism, he added: “Cooperation and coordination of all countries for combatting terrorism is essential and Greece will stand by Tehran due to its top role in regional stability”.

He also expressed his country’s willingness to establish direct flights between Tehran and Athens and develop tourism relations.

news id: 91858

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