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President during the ceremony for saluting JCPOA team:

If we had a thousand martyrs, nuc. Scientists would not give up the path of honour/We won wherever we were together/Today is the day of saluting mighty men in defence, military, and law enforcement fields

President Rouhani attended the ceremony aimed at praising the nuclear negotiating team and families of the martyred nuclear scientists and delivered a speech, during which he said: “An integrated, united, and proud nation always brings honour”.

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Mon 08 - February 2016 - 11:09

In this ceremony which was held on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani said: “Today is a day on which the nation salutes mighty men in defence, military, and law enforcement fields who did their best day and night for this nation’s greatness”.

He also added: “Without a doubt, if we had a thousand martyrs on our path to secure our rights in nuclear issues, out nuclear scientists would not give up the path of honour”.

Praising the nuclear martyrs’ families and nuclear negotiation team, he said: "The peaceful nuclear martyrs have bravely decided to pave the way which was full of dangers and while finally got the dangers, have never given up their target and retreated, even if they might have faced with tens of martyrs".

Stating that "Allah has never left us alone and misled in dangerous  situations", President Rouhani added: "Today is the day of thanks giving to our  great men in the political, defensive, military and police arenas who have done round the clock efforts to for the glory of the nation"

Emphasizing on the nation's unity and solidarity in all the Islamic movement and revolution tomes, he said: "Iranian nation has earned a lot victories and Satan could not divide them and win over them".

Referring to the procedures which led to the well implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Dr. Rouhani said: "We have passed behind very tough days and hours in the nuclear issue case as we have passed hard days of conquering in Karbala 4 and 5 operations during the 8-years imposed war with Saddam.

He described Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as the essence of the nation's unity and solidarity, and said: "Were it not the mercy of Allah, the nations' resistance and the guidelines of the Supreme Leader and his valuable consultations, the very victory in the JCPOA and all other victories could not be fulfilled". 

President Rouhani reiterated that the nuclear negotiating team also has always been doing their best to follow Supreme Leader's very clear and worthy guidelines, so we can easily profess and claim "Were it not the Supreme Leader's guidelines and his steadfastness to be in the scene, we could not earn this much achievements as we enjoy nowadays".

He added: “The basis of nuclear negotiations were the Almighty God’s favour, people’s resistance, and Supreme Leader’s guidance”.

He also described government’s skill as choosing the best people for negotiations.

“From the time that Dr Salehi stepped in to accompany other friends, new developments started in technical and technological fields” added Dr Rouhani.

“At a time, there was a need for the experts of the Ministry of Defence to step in and refute accusations by the Zionist Regime and solve the issue of PMD; and that was the time when Dr Dehghan and his companions bravely stepped in” continued President.

President Rouhani also thanked the economic team of the negotiations and Dr Nahavandian, as well as the Ministry of Intelligence without whose help negotiations could not bear fruits.

“If we didn’t have the safety and security established by the armed forces and our brave commanders in Iraq did not resist and help the Syrian nations in Damascus and Aleppo, and if it wasn’t for the Army, IRGC, Basij, and other armed forces, we did not have the security to negotiate that well” continued Rouhani.

He also said that implementation of JCPOA and lift of sanctions do not belong only to a faction or a single government, but rather to the Iranian nation.

Referring to the understanding by the world that there is no way other than respect to treat the Iranian nation, he continued: “The President of France said that in 2012 the heads of world powers were discussing the hour and the day of their attack to Iran but now they are discussing ways to come to Iran and start cooperation”.

“We are seeking to dominate joint markets by new technology and partnership” continued Rouhani.

The government is trying to renovate the air fleet, said Rouhani. “We will not let Iranian nation become humiliated by getting on old airplanes”.

Dr Rouhani added: “My condition and deal with Dr Zarif and the negotiating team was to cancel all UN resolutions related to nuclear issues; and although cancellation of these resolutions and also those of Board of Governors, as well as economic sanctions related to the nuclear issue seemed a very difficult task, Iranian nation’s resistance could bring this victory”.

“I deeply respect Supreme Leader’s guidance and support” added Rouhani saying: “The nuclear achievement was the result of governments of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani, Khatami, and Ahmadinejad who made efforts on their parts to create and honour for this nation”.

news id: 91847

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