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President during the 33rd ceremony of the Book of the Year:

Books should offer modern words, thoughts/Freer climate, criticism leads to promotes thinking/Toleration, not eliminating each other requirement for criticism

President Rouhani appeared in the closing ceremony of the Book of the Year and said: “Books should offer modern words and thoughts”.

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Sun 07 - February 2016 - 17:59

Dr Rouhani delivered a speech in this ceremony on Sunday and said: “Even if the conditions do not comply with someone’s ideals, everybody should go to the ballot boxes and create a better future for the country”.

Referring to books as a criterion for cultural development of the country, Dr Rouhani said: “Without a doubt, books are one of the indexes of social growth I cultural and political fields”.

He also mentioned the reported statistical data by the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance on quality decrease of books and said: “Bad conditions of books indicates problems in social growth and perfection”.

Raising the question of how we can encourage the society to read, Dr Rouhani said: “Any social issue without competition will not grow. Authoring and publishing books should be included not only in domestic, but also regional and global competition”.

“We should note that no one is immune from mistakes and if someone says something today, tomorrow they may criticise and even contradict their own ideas” added President.

He added: “Criticism is acceptable in an environment where no one thinks about eliminating others and everyone respects each other’s votes”.

“We should accept different ideas and know that different ideas and criticism is not bad” continued Rouhani.

On the importance of creating a free environment for criticism during school time, Dr Rouhani said: “Encouraging students and people to read and borrow books from the library also leads the society to have books in their necessary list of things”.

He also referred to the history of books and reading in Iran and said: “Iran has been the cradle of books and libraries”.

news id: 91817

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