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In a cabinet session;

President elaborates on most important achievements of Italy, France trip

President Rouhani chaired a cabinet session and described the achievements of the Italy and France trip as: development of international interactions, confronting Iranophobia project, absolute lift of sanctions, respectful treatment of Iranians by the host countries, and ample enthusiasm and serious resolve in cooperating with Iran.

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Mon 01 - February 2016 - 09:14

In this cabinet session which was held late on Sunday, dedicated to reports by the executive bodies on the agreements, contracts, and understandings made during President’s trip to France and Italy, Dr Rouhani said: “Contracts and understandings, accumulating foreign investment, technology transfer and development of export from joint productions which are required for fulfilment of economic growth, and creating job opportunities in the country based on Resistive Economy policies are among the most important goals and achievements of this trip”.

Some of the most important cases reviewed and elaborated on were related to the settlement of banking and insurance issues, cooperation in automobile production with emphasis on capital and technology transfer as well as export and domestic manufacturing of parts, purchase of airplanes, construction and development of airports through FDIs by hire-purchasing, industrial production and cooperation in airplane production and parts, investment in tourism, health, and medical, agriculture, and environment equipment, and tens of other investment contracts in different industrial projects.

news id: 91715

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