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President announced in the regular cabinet meeting:

Government’s urgent, short-term decisions for reduction of air pollution in metropolises/Last year’s ‘Clean Air’ bill handover to Majlis/More government help to public transportation/Inviting people for energy efficiency

President stressed the need to try to resolve public concerns about air pollution and announced that in the cabinet meeting, urgent and short-term decisions were made which all related organisations should take their implementation seriously.

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Wed 30 - December 2015 - 13:45

In this regular cabinet meeting which was held on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani also said: “Although air pollution has been there for many years and it cannot be fully solved in short-term, the government deems it necessary to adopt short-term and mid-term decisions during these days that air pollution is more tangible for the people. It should be done in a way that people feel the process is moving towards improving and solving the problem”.

Noting that the government has started its speculations for mid-term measures from last year (1393), he added: “The bill related to clean air was handed-over by the government to the Majlis in 1393 and after comments by the MPs, the technical diagnosis requirement of vehicles was reduced (from +5-year vehicles) to +3-year vehicles”.

President also mentioned government’s request from the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and the Supreme Council of Urban Development and underlined the need to monitor construction of high buildings in some districts and said: “A solution should be found for towers and high buildings, especially those who are situated in the corridor of air movement, and, at least, construction of these buildings be stopped from now on”.

On vehicles with higher pollutants, especially those possessed by the government and also public transport, especially busses and said: “Police should do its utmost in this area and also the issue of technical diagnosis”.

He added: “Motorcycles make a lot of pollution and on polluted days, their access should be limited for a couple of days and, on the other hand, their manufacturing system should be modified”.

Also speaking about the importance of public cooperation in advancing plans related to energy consumption improvement of heating systems of houses and, as a result, reduction of air pollution he continued: “In today’s session another decision was made to ask people to lower the temperature of their houses’ heating systems and in doing so, governmental organisations should come first”.

“The government has decided to help more to improve public transport including bus and metro” added Dr Rouhani.

He continued: “During the year, plans and measures should be considered to eliminate air pollution and it should not be forgotten until it is fully eliminated”.

President Rouhani also said: “Of course, if there is a need to close schools or offices, it will be decided by the related bodies”.

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