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President in a meeting with elites of Shahr-e-Rey:

Mamlou dam WTP opening solves great deal of Shahr-e-Rey issues/Government, parliament be together to solve country issues/Unveiling of 7-volume book on the lifestyle of the great prophet of Islam

President Rouhani met with elites of Shahr-e-Rey as a part of his visit to this town and spoke to them on solving issues of different sectors, urging all bodies to help each other and put effort on the region’s prosperity and development.

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Wed 23 - December 2015 - 13:59

President Rouhani described the people of Shahr-e-Rey as hardworking, revolutionary, and gallant and expressed hope that this trip be a good step towards solving issues and better serving the people of the region.

Referring to his close and amicable relationship with Ayatollah Reyshahri as the trustee of the holly shrine of His Holiness Abdul Adhim al-Hasani’s (AS) and his efforts to propagate Islam and Ahl-ol Bayt (Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s progeny), Dr. Rouhani described the unveiling of the 7-volume book on the  Great Prophet’s lifestyle and traditions which is the result of the hardworking researchers at the University of Quran and Hadith in Shahr-e-Rey as vital and also described the Quran, Hadith and the Prophet’s lifestyles as the foundation stones of unity and solidarity in the world’s Islamic community.

He also described the understanding of the scripture of the holly Quran as very important in this regard and said: “As the prophet’s lifestyle is a means to find the right and just paradigm of life for all human beings, the life style can also be considerable an substantial in today’s political life, because it is nowadays the best torch and guidance for human beings to pave the straight path.

Referring to Shahr-e-Rey’s cultural and historical backgrounds and enjoying many great religious figures and specially encompassing the holly shrine of Abdol-Azim (AS), President Rouhani said: “Although the city possesses many important industrial and agricultural centers, it still suffers from many problems, one of which is its water supply that the important part of the issue will be resolved by the Mamlou dam water treatment plant launch.

He also made a reference to Shahr-e-Rey’s environmental chaotic situations and said: “I have ordered the relevant ministries and those in charge of the city to look at the issues in the district, since I believe if we deal with the environmental well, water, and waste water issues, we can further exploit the fertilized lands and farms around it”.

Asserting that his administration has allocated 4,320bn rials credit to execute the regional projects, Dr. Rouhani indicated on the government’s decision to solve the mentioned issues and other issues including health and medical care issues and said: “Government verily sticks to its commitments and will never forget the vows to pay attention to the citizens of Shah-e-Rey”.

A powerful parliament in the country can help the government solve people’s issues, said Rouhani adding: “The government and parliament should be together in order to solve the issues of the country and we hope that with the Supreme Leader’s guidance, as well as people’s attempts we can serve the Iranian nation well and solve the issues”.

He also stressed that voters’ turnout in parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections will be extraordinary.

President unveiled a 7-volume book on the lifestyle of the great prophet of Islam before his speech.

Ayatollah Reyshahri also talked about the issues of Shahr-e-Rey and demanded government’s action in solving the issues.

news id: 91017

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