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President in a meeting with managers, consultants, and employees of the Ministry of Intelligence:

All forces led by Supreme Leader at work for advancement/Widening gaps, division not a skill; everybody should help for integrity/Iran forerunner of security, combating terrorism in the region/Intelligence Ministry inspect qualifications impartially

Security, peace, stability, and integrity in the country is the result of attempts and self-sacrifice by those who care about the system and the Anonymous Soldiers of Imam Zaman, said President Rouhani speaking to managers, consultants, and employees of the Ministry of Intelligence.

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Tue 22 - December 2015 - 14:34

In this meeting which was held on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani also stressed the need to preserve unity and pursue the ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

Appreciating the personnel of the Intelligence Ministry for their attempts and self-sacrifice, and said: “Ensuring security and peace for people from all walks of life in the society is the main responsibility of the government”.

“Our responsibility is to ensure security at the least expense, otherwise, creating a security climate is costly in itself” said Dr Rouhani, while referring to threats which can undermine security.

Mentioning Iran’s exemplary security despite the insecure atmosphere in the region, he said: “We should appreciate those who have helped for country’s security and peace”.

We are proud of this stability and security, said Rouhani adding: “Once, many western countries and hostile groups were trying to introduce Iran as the most insecure country in the region and the centre of insecurity but today the Islamic Iran is the forerunner of security and combating terrorism in the region and many of those countries are yearning for Iran’s help”.

Describing people’s votes two years ago to the slogan of fight against extremism and violence as Iranian nation’s interest in moderation, President said: “Extremism has never been able to yield favourable results, whereas moderation is the path that Islam has ordered; late Imam Khomeini directed the Revolution on this path”.

President also said: “We never back extremism but this does not mean that we are not powerful and will never abdicate our rights. Peace and security will be reached in a society which possesses the power to”.

He also described gaps and division in the country as detrimental and dangerous and said: “Widening gaps and division is not a skill and we should not let some to undermine social integrity; everybody should help for integrity in the country”.

Rouhani also criticised some comments which are aimed at fanning discords among the heads of branches and said: “Today, the Vilayat-e Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurist) is a shelter which everybody is under, and today, all branches are being guided by the Supreme Leader through the path of prosperity and growth”.

In another part of his speech, President Rouhani referred to nuclear negotiations and post-JCPOA atmosphere and said: “Our negotiators did not speak from a position of weakness, rather they spoke with power and reasoning”.

Referring to the cancellation of international resolutions against Iran as a great honour for the Iranian nation, he continued: “The agreement in nuclear negotiations and the JCPOA have got a lot of enemies, the Zionist Regime and some radicals in the US being on the top of them. But it is important that we tap the current atmosphere to the benefit of our country’s development”.

Dr Rouhani also said that any attempt to create division or stop the country from developing is betraying national interests and an example of infiltration. “JCPOA means removing obstacles and we should gain momentum in this environment and try to achieve growth” he said.

Speaking about the 10th round of parliamentary election and the 5th round of Assembly of Experts election after the Islamic Revolution, he said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in the region which holds free, healthy, extensive, and competitive election with comprehensive security”.

He also said that Intelligence Ministry should impartially inspect qualifications of the candidates.

news id: 90995

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