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President during his visit to the election registration office:

Holding competitive, glorious election government’s aim/Candidates register without paying attention to concerns/The final decision-makers people’s votes, ballots/Overcoming difficulties due to the Supreme Leader

Holding a healthy, glorious, and competitive elections with maximum turnout is government’s goal, said President Rouhani while visiting the election registration office on Monday.

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Mon 21 - December 2015 - 11:30

“All of those who consider themselves as righteous servants of people should come forth and register in the elections and do not pay attention to some concerns that are voiced here and there because our country is the country of law and the Guardian Council undoubtedly will act based on law” said President Rouhani.

He continued: “These elections are significant in that by doing this, we announce to the world with words and our action that the main decision-makers for our country’s management is people’s votes and the ballots”.

Saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran was the first country to accept and adopt the parliamentary and election-based political system, he added: “In the Islamic system and religious democracy, we were also the first country to fulfil the Islamic Revolution and today, we are getting ready for holding the 33rd election”.

 “People’s representatives in the Majlis oversee the administrative bodies of the country; also, these representatives vote for the ministers to start their activities and responsibilities, therefore it is very important” added Rouhani, speaking about the parliament.

Speaking about the Assembly of Experts, he said: “The most important pillar of the Islamic Republic is the great Leader of the Revolution and if today we have unity, integrity, and coordination in our country and we can easily overcome the difficulties, it is due to the Vilayat-e Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurist) and the Supreme Leader himself”.

He added: “The Assembly of Experts is an assembly which is always ready for the rainy day and this issue is very important for the country’s political stability and for people to feel there will be no vacuum in the country under any circumstance”.

Stressing that the government will also act based on law in holding the election, Dr Rouhani said: “If, God forbid, there is violation in running the elections the government will strictly deal with it”.

Underlining women’s candidacy in the elections and inviting them to register, he continued: “Our country’s women are actively participating in social, political, and cultural areas and we are one of world’s advanced countries in this matter”.

“In the current conditions of the region and the world, we are in dire need of unity and integrity” said Dr Rouhani, describing elections as the source of unity and integrity.

President also stressed that in the elections, there should be healthy and moral competitiveness among all parties and groups.

President Hassan Rouhani, on Monday, visited the election registration office at the Interior Ministry and, at the same time, registered for the 5th round of the Assembly of Expert Election.

news id: 90950

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