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President in a message to the International Congress of Sarbedaran Movement:

President Rouhani describes commemoration of those who devoted for truth and justice as a guarantee to safeguard just peace

In a message to the International Congress of Sarbedaran (head on gallows) Movement in Sabzevar (in Khorasan Razavi province) to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the movement, reiterated that commemoration of those free, tolerant noble men/women who died in the way of right and justice is indeed a measure to safeguard and ensure just peace.

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Fri 18 - December 2015 - 23:38

The message read by the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the congress is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful

Iran's ancient history is full of sacrifices and devotions of a dynamic people who have not hesitate to devote their properties, family, lives and souls in the way of independence and stability. In the context of this long history of Iran, there has always been raised and shined brave and noble men and women who has been harbingers of liberty and freedom and had guarded the realm of justice and freedom and fought against oppression, as well.

Iran has always had national heroes through the ups and downs of its illustrious history, specially from the day it embraced the religion of Islam, and after that it had blessed the “Flag of Freedom” (Iranian icon) with the essence of the sacred and peace-oriented religion; and hopefully managed to be a base for ideologies and ideologues who preferred to be hanged instead of being humiliated and bowing down on the feet of the tyrant rulers. Therefore, the greedy and tyrant rulers and oppressors naturally could not stand with the heroes and have finally confronted with them; the consequence of such confrontation was also formation of  Sarbedaran movement, the movement that today is considered one of our national and international pride and honor.

Sarbedaran movement was formed based on Shiism in a period of time that a large part of Iran had been under Mongol horse's hooves who were against culture and civilization. Today, after 700 hundred years, Sabzevar City proudly holds the international congress which is an important step to recognize the different aspects of the movement, scientifically and in a research form especially from the perspective of a popular uprising.

I respect on my own these wisely efforts and honorably salute the pure soul of the heroes, and appreciate those involved in organizing this Congress, because I believe that the commemoration of those free, tolerant noble men/women who died in the way of right and justice is indeed a act safeguarding and ensuring just peace for all.

news id: 90912

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