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President in a televised message to the Iranian nation:

With sanctions being lifted in Dec-Jan one of government’s vows to be operationalised/Iranian government committed to its signed agreements/PMD case termination a big achievement, victory/Serving the great Iranian nation an honour for the servants

President Rouhani referred to the termination of the PMD case in the IAEA and said that this will lay the ground for the implementation of JCPOA and with sanctions being lifted by Day (December-January) one of the government’s vows to the people will be operationalised.

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Wed 16 - December 2015 - 18:09

In this televised message which was directed to the people of Iran broadcasted live late on Wednesday, president congratulated the consecutive victories of the Iranian nation and said: “Yesterday, one of the stages of the Iranian people’s victory in political and international areas was achieved”.

President continued: “For nearly 14 years, terrorist groups, intelligence organisations, and big western powers levelled accusations at Iran claiming that Iran is enriching uranium somewhere and is engaged in secretly making a nuclear bomb and is not providing the IAEA with clear information”.

Saying that the latest achievement by the people of Iran is not only one legal or technical success, Dr Rouhani added: “This victory showed that this political system speaks honestly with its own people and the world as well and is committed to its vows”.

“All legal issues were based on the idea that they wanted to say Iran has not been committed to NPT” continued president.

He continued: “Both IAEA and the Board of Governors admitted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has never deviated from its peaceful path over years and was not busy making nuclear bombs. As Iran has repeatedly announced that is committed to its religious and moral vows and does not seek WMDs and the Supreme Leader has stressed it as an important decree”.

It is important that the Board of Governors has terminated the PMD case which it had repeatedly announced that it was not solvable, said Rouhani.

“Of course, the cancellation of these resolutions are subject to the obligations that Iran should fulfil” continued Dr Rouhani.

He also congratulated the Iranian nation that could achieve this victory with patience, persistence, tolerance, and their support, as well as the Supreme Leader’s guidance and all other authorities including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, and Atomic Energy Organisation.

Rouhani added: “Today, the path is almost paved for the implementation of JCPOA; big steps have been taken by Iran and the other side and the final steps will be taken in two weeks and we hope that the last steps be taken successfully”.

“I announce to the people of Iran that the sanction will be lifted by Day (December-January)” continued President.

Voicing that with the lift of sanctions Iran will have more opportunities to interact with the world, President said: “The eleventh government is proud of the continued support by the great Iranian nation and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution; serving this great nation is an honour for the servants”.

We should get ready for economic growth, said Rouhani adding: “We invite all domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, as well as Iranians residing abroad to make the best use of the investment opportunities with the people who seek constructive interaction with the world”.

At the end of his message, Dr Rouhani said that the Iranians need to be united more than ever and everybody should try to use the new environment to the benefit of the country’s development and growth.

news id: 90902

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