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In a cabinet meeting;

President indicates on independency of national economy from petroleum

In a cabinet meeting Sunday afternoon, President Rouhani said: "A safe and secure governmental economy is the one which is more tax-based and not dependent to petroleum".

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Mon 14 - December 2015 - 09:39

"The very economy, thereby imply an increase to tax revenues and decreasing oil-based incomes", President added in the meeting which voted for Mr. Taqavinejad as the country's new chief of Tax Organization and appreciated ex-president of the organization, as well.

Referring to Supreme Leader's approach to taxes and taxation, Dr. Rouhani reiterated that in normal conditions, when a society is benefitting from the governmental free services such as health services, education, security and other benefits, it verily pays the costs of the services, as well.

Emphasizing on the strengthening of the tax culture, he recommended all educational institutions, especially national TV and Radio to do their best to strengthen and promote the very culture.

Stating that a successful establishment of the tax system depends on the cooperation of all agencies and executive organizations, President said: "As promotion of the culture implies fairness and transparency to gain people's trust in this regard, therefore implementation of an electronic tax accounting and taxation can be an important step to gain the transparency, fairness and integrity of the tax system".

The council of ministers also in the meeting covered some other important issues such as reviewing of the next year budget bill, government debts to private sectors and cooperatives, allocation of a budget to knowledge based companies and institutions and commercialization of inventions and innovations.

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