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President in a cabinet meeting:

President Rouhani underlies reinforcement of national production to win world markets

Chairing the cabinet meeting Wednesday afternoon, he indicated on the implementation of major policies of resistance economy, reinforcement of national production and to be more active in world markets, and said: "The 11th government is committed to precisely implement Supreme Leader's imparted policies on resistance economy and will definitely consider them in the government's sixth economic development program which will be submitted to Majlis soon.

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Wed 09 - December 2015 - 20:39

Expressing his condolence over the anniversaries of the sad demise of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the martyrdom of Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Reza (AS), Dr Rouhani said that the sixth program will essentially be in the context of the resistance economy and we hope to submit the program and the budget bill for next Iranian year to Majlis simultaneously in Dey (January).

Stating that the resistance economy must be reinforced by national production and manufacturing in order to resist foreign pressures and conspiracies, he indicated on the strengthening of domestic production and non-oil exports so that to be more active in the global economy and to specify and win some target markets.

President Rouhani pointed to the necessity of changing the state-run economy to a private economy and a cooperatives one and to the removing of the obstacles in the way forward, and said: "Fortunately ministries are doing their best and utmost to facilitate the privatization process and transferring of the state-own economy to the people, therefore all should help create conditions under which the process be easily done and the predetermined economic goals to come true".

He also indicated on the applying of knowledge based economic policies in order to well implement and support the said policy of resistance economy and on the cooperation and collaborations of all sectors in this regard, and reiterated that the government has so far discovered about 2000 knowledge based companies; and tries to reinforce them as ordered by the Supreme Leader to the government to take the responsibility of managing the very national project.

He expressed hope that his administration would take more effective steps toward in this regard especially after the removal of economic sanctions and said: "Iran will definitely and proudly move forward in its manufactures, exports and foreign investments in post-sanction era in future and will win more global markets, the measures which can well help the implementation of the policies of resistance economy".

"Whatever today world enjoys from science, knowledge, civilization and developments, are all for the services that Islamic society had bestowed to the then world community", he added.

Rouhani said: "As Islam is the religion of mercy, peaceful coexistence and Islamic unity and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also promoted a culture of ethics, education, practice, knowledge, cooperation, affection among people, therefore Moslem peoples should accordingly deal with each other and with other peoples in peace'.

"Unfortunately, nowadays we see some people around the world that not only pretend to combat terrorism, but they themselves also support all kinds of terrorism and do not let Muslim people to enter into other Islamic countries", he added.

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