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President in Sharif University on Student Day:

Azar 16 day of independence against colonialism, autocracy/Indulgence in supporting or criticising is misleading

President Rouhani visited Sharif University of Technology on Azar 16 -December 7- to commemorate Student Day and described this day as the day of independence against colonialism and autocracy.

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Mon 07 - December 2015 - 14:22

Speaking about the important role of academics in the victory of the Islamic Republic in the Revolution, he also stressed that government’s success will be dependent on support and guidance from the side of people, especially students.

Expressing gratitude to the students who spoke freely and bravely for and against the government, Dr Rouhani added: “One of the important places where powers should be criticised in, is university and basically, if power does not come into question in a country, it will be dragged into deviation and autocracy”.

“There is no authority in the Islamic Republic of Iran who is chosen without people’s votes. Saying in the Islamic Republic some are chosen by vote and some others are appointed is insulting” he continued.

Underlining that everyone should be questioned by the people and no one be immune to questions, Dr Rouhani added: “Students and academics should always have a criticizing and just view. We should always bear in mind that indulgence in supporting or criticising is misleading”.

“We are not free of mistakes but we are trying to serve people and take steps for the country’s success” added Rouhani, saying that opportunities should increase for people to criticise.

He continued that everyone should come to consensus and unity in basic concepts such as justice, national sovereignty, fighting colonization, national interests, and positions and responsibilities of universities, adding: “This consensus will be helpful and students and professors should establish this consensus”.

“It is true that we should stand against others and solve internal problems with domestic facilities but does that mean that we should not converse with the world and take our problems to the point of war with others? We will stand against any possible conspiracy and be victorious, but war and conflict should be the last choice” continued Dr Rouhani who is the Head of the Supreme Council of National Security.

Saying that some believe that the government only smiled and conversed with the world and has done nothing to reinforce the defence capabilities of the country, he said that what the government did in making strategic weapons, is equivalent to the past 10 years.

“If we are not completely ready to defend the country, war will be imposed to us. We test-fired our most important strategic missiles along with the victory in JCPOA negotiations” he continued.

Rouhani also talked about the attempts by the government to lower the inflation rate and the successes achieved during these attempts.

Stating that “university needs a safe atmosphere” he continued: “The criterion for authority of the political system is social capital and I assure you that the path of the government regarding universities has not changed”.

At the end of his speech, President Rouhani referred to the upcoming parliamentary elections and said that the government does not favour a specific faction and the new parliament should be more capable and powerful than the previous one.

news id: 90819

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