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President in a meeting with the new Iranian ambassadors to other countries;

Iran’s approach to establish stability, development, unity in the Islamic World/Iran, the forerunner of combating terrorism/Developing ties with Islamic countries, a priority/Appointment of the 1st woman ambassador after the Revolution, a symbol for women’s capabilities

President Rouhani met with a number of new Iranian ambassadors to other countries and said: “Islamic Iran is after creating stability and development in the region and strengthen empathy and unity in the Islamic World”.

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Sat 05 - December 2015 - 16:05

In this meeting which was held on Saturday in the presence of new Iranian ambassadors to Belgium, Thailand, Pakistan, Denmark, the Philippines, Greece, Senegal, and Sri Lanka, President underlined the importance of making the best use of the post-JCPOA environment and said: “We should make the best use of the current opportunity to develop our political, economic, and cultural relations, with other countries, as well as tapping the talents to the benefit of cooperation and maximisation of national interests in international ties”.

Stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran is seeking to establish stability, security, and development in the region, he continued: “Now we are in a stage which enables us to achieve more stable and balanced development in less time by developing economic, political, scientific, and technical ties and out ambassadors play a vital role in realising this goal”.

“After the JCPOA and the opportunity opened up for cooperation and understanding, Iran is currently known as the forerunner of practical action against terrorism, as well as the messenger of stability and security for the nations of the region” continued Rouhani.

He also praised the holding of Arba’een ceremony and described it as the power of the Islamic World.

Emphasising that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always sought to create and strengthen empathy and unity among Muslims, Dr Rouhani said: “Today, the top priority is brotherhood and solidarity in the Muslim world and, therefore, we put developing and deepening ties with Islamic counties on the top of our priority list”.

Mentioning the appointment of Marzieh Afkham as the Iranian ambassador to Malaysia as the first woman ambassador after the Islamic Revolution he said: “Women’s presence in different areas such as the society, sport, and management has always been positive and successful and this appointment shows that in responsibilities, gender is not considered a factor and the capabilities and competences should be considered”.

news id: 90794

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