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While visiting the family of 3 martyred brothers;

President: Warriors, martyrs self-sacrifice eternal in Iranian people’s hearts

While visiting the family of 3 martyred brothers, Amiri Ta’emeh, President Rouhani said that warriors and martyrs’ self-sacrifice in the 8-year Sacred Defence will always be eternal in the hearts of the Iranian nation.

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Thu 03 - December 2015 - 17:03

In this regular weekly visit of families of martyrs, President said: “The great families of the martyrs defended the country during the Revolution and the country’s territory in the early days after the victory of the Revolution and that is why they have always been respected by the Iranian people”.

He continued: “God has given you a great success in raising such children to defend Islam”.

At the end of this visit, President gave an honourable mention to the martyrs’ mother and appreciated her patience and sacrifice.

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