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In a meeting with the Hungarian PM;

President: Big powers’ meddling in the affairs of countries a root of terrorism/All capabilities should be used in favour of Iran, Hungary nations

President Rouhani, in a meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister, stressed that all capabilities and capacities should be used to strengthen ties between Tehran and Budapest in all areas.

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Tue 01 - December 2015 - 13:15

“Iran and Hungary have been close with each other in cultural and historical areas and the good relations between the two nations have provided a proper groundwork for expanding relations” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday in Tehran.

Mentioning the history of friendship between the two countries, President Rouhani said that the capabilities should be used in favour of boosting ties in areas such as culture, science, research, industry, agriculture, and modern technology.

He continued: “We should employ each other’s experiences in different areas and lay the ground for boosting ties between our universities, research centres, and students”.

Stressing the need for the governments to prepare the ground for private sectors’ activities, Dr Rouhani added: “We should try and help the private sector and companies of both countries to have closer cooperation with each other”.

On the signed agreements and MoUs between the two countries Dr Rouhani said: “There is a serious resolve in both sides for developing Tehran-Budapest ties and we hope to witness the implementation of the agreements in the coming months”.

Speaking about the closeness of ideas between Iran and Hungary on regional and international issues, President said: “Today, terrorism is the utmost symbol of violence and extremism in the world and we believe that it is a global issue and crisis for the whole world”.

“Today, terrorism has turned into a very dangerous virus which is spreading in the region and the world. If the whole world confronts the supporters of terrorism, we will succeed in fighting it. We should all use our maximum power in doing this and Iran and Hungary can cooperate well in achieving these regional and international goals” continued Rouhani.

On big powers’ meddling in the affairs of other countries which he described as being one of the roots of terrorism, Dr Rouhani said: “One of the principles of international relations is respecting other nations’ rights and the equality of their rights and we believe that for solving global issues and problems there is no other choice than cooperation, collaboration, and consultation between all countries of the world”.

In this meeting, Prime Minister Orbán expressed satisfaction meeting with President Rouhani and described his discussions and meetings with Iranian authorities as positive and said: “Today, the groundwork is laid for boosting scientific and research ties between the two countries and we are willing to cement ties with Iran in these areas”. He also expressed hope that in the future all-round ties between Iran and Hungary boost.

“Unfortunately to date, no positive and common approach for solving regional issues has been agreed on in the west” he continued, adding: “We hope that with the help and consultation of great and effective countries in the region, including Iran, we can get closer to this goal”.

news id: 90746

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